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Acetylcholine - type of compound?
Non-amino acid derived NT
Acetylcholine - function?
1. Myoneuronal junction
2. All parasympathetic synapses
3. Preganglionic sympathetic synapses
Norepinephrine - type of compound?
1. Biogenic amine
2. Catecholamine
Norepinephrine - function?
Postganglionic sympathetic synapse (except for eccrine sweat glands)
Glutamic acid - type of compound?
Small molecule amino acid NT
Glutamic acid - function?
Presynaptic sensory and cortex

Most common excitatory NT of CNS
GABA - type of compound?
Small molecule amino acid NT
GABA - function?
Most common inhibitory NT of the CNS
Glycine - type of compound?
Small molecule amino acid NT
Glycine - function?
Spinal Cord inhibitory NT
Dopamine - type of compound?
1. Biogenic Amine
2. Catecholamine
Dopamine - function?
Basal ganglia of CNS

Serotonin - type of compound?
1. Biogenic Amine
Serotonin - function?
Pain Inhibition
Mood Control
Endorphins - type of compound?

Opioid Peptide
Endorphins - functions?
Analgesic - Inhibit pain transmission.
Enkephalins - functions?
Analgesic - Inhibits pain transmission.