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Gluteus medius

- what does it do?
- origin
- insertion
Imparts stability in the hip, keeping the pelvis leveled walking


greater trochanter
Weakness in the gluteus medius will cause what sign?
Trendelenburg gait
What artery provides the majority of the blood flow to the femoral head in adults?
Medial Femoral Circumflex
Why is it important to NEVER dissect the Quadratus femoris muscle during surgery?
B/c the medial femoral circumflex artery is anterior to it, thus it might tear and lead to AVN
Muscle Grading: 0
No contraction

Muscle Grading: +1
Slight contraction

No movement
Muscle Grading: +2
Movement without gravity
Muscle Grading: +3
Movement against gravity
Muscle Grading: +4
Full ROM, some resistance
Muscle Grading: +5
Full ROM with resistance
Tenderness to Greater Trochanter would indicate?
Tenderness to ASIS would indicate?
Avulsion of the Sartorius
Tenderness to Lumbar Spine would indicate?
Spinal/hip pathology
Tenderness to Sacroiliac joint would indicate?
Swelling/inflammation of joint
Tenderness to Posterior hip area would indicate?

- what if it is inferior posterior hip area?
Inflammation to Piriformis

Then, inflammation to hamstrings
Tenderness to Anterior Hip Area would indicate what? x2
Lymph node swelling


Infection to hip joint
Thomas Test will test for what?
Hip flexion contracture
Patrick's Test will test for what? x2
(Hip Impingement Syndrome)

(SI Joint Problems)
(Posterior Hip Problems)
Resisted Straight leg tests for what?
Hip pathology
Hip Arthritis

- Complaint
Pain to hip, groin, butt, and lower back.

+/- radiation to knee

Exacerbated with walking, moving, stairs, etc.
Name 2 hip conditions that are Emergencies.
Hip infection

Hip dislocation
Hip Infection

- symptoms
- common cause
- treatment
Constant hip pain
Hip is in SEMI-FLEXED position
Fever, nausea, chills, ...


Emergent surgical drainage
Infected THA

- incidence
- treatment
Less than 1% of THA's

Iliopsoas Tendon Tendonitis

- symptoms
Groin Pain

Clicking in anterior hip area
Hip stress Fx

- common in what group(s)
- symptoms
- treatment
runners + military

limp + hip pain

immobilize (maybe surgery)
Trochanteric Bursitis

- affects whom mostly
- symptoms
- X-rays reveal what
Elderly + "wide hipped" women

Lateral hip pain
Cannot sleep on side
Pain over Greater trochanter

Nothing. It is negative
Hip Dislocation

- mostly a result of what
- what kind of dislocation is it usually?
- treatment
MVA or trauma


Immediate reduction
2 yrs of followup for AVN
Hip Fx:

- common to what group?
- Mortality rate
- Treatment
(esp. with osteoporosis or OA)

1 year survival rate is:
50% without surgery
35% with surgery

Surgery with early rehab.