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1. Lateral Cutaneous nerve
2. Genitofemoral nerve
3. Ilioinguinal nerve
4. Femoral nerve
ID Cutaneous innervating nerves
1. Clunal nerves
2. Cutaneous branches of obturator and femoral nerve
3. Posterior Cutaneous nerve of thigh
4. Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh
ID Cutaneous nerves of thigh
The Anterior compartment of the thigh is innervated by what nerve?
Femoral nerve (L2-L4)
The Medial compartment of the thigh is innervated by what nerve?
Obturator nerve (L2-L4)
The Posterior compartment of the thigh is innervated by what nerve?
Sciatic nerve (L4-S3)
Superficial inguinal lymph nodes receive lymph from what vein and what regions?
Great Saphenous and its tributaries.

Lower abd wall
Gluteal region
Penis and Scrotum
In the thigh, the major lymphatic drainage occurs in which lymph nodes?
Inguinal lymph nodes.
What lymph nodes drain the lateral part of foot and leg?
Popliteal lymph nodes
1. Head of femur
2. Greater trochanter
3. Lesser trochanter
4. Shaft
5. Adductor tubercle
6. Lateral epicondyle
7. Lateral condyle
8. Medial condyle
9. Medial epicondyle
ID regions
1. Greater trochanter
2. Intertrochanter crest
3. Lesser trochanter
4. Pectineal line
5. Gluteal tuberosity
6. Linea Aspera
7. Lateral Supracondylar line
8. Medial Suprocondylar line
9. Adductor tubercle
1. Tensor Fasciae Latae
2. Sartorius
3. Vastus lateralis
4. Rectus Femoris
5. Vastus Medialis
6. Iliopsoas
7. Pectineus
8. Adductor Longus
9. Gracilis
ID muscles
What are the boundaries of the femoral triangle?
1. Superiorly - Inguinal ligament
2. Medial - Adductor Longus
3. Lateral - Sartorius
What are the components of the femoral triangle?
1. Femoral Nerve
2. Femoral Artery
3. Femoral Vein
4. Empty Space
5. Lymphs
What are the contents of the adductor canal?
1. Femoral Artery
2. Femoral Vein
3. Nerve to Vastus Medialis
4. Saphenous nerve
What are the boundaries of the adductor canal?
1. Roof - Sartorius
2. Lateral - Vastus Medialis
3. Medial - Adductor Longus
Which muscles surrounding the adductor canal is in the anterior compartment and the medial compartment?
Anterior - Sartorius and Vastus Medialis

Medial - Adductor Longus
What separates the anterior and medial compartments?
The lateral intermuscular septum
What are the muscles of the anterior compartment in the thigh?
1. Sartorius
2. Vastus Medialis
3. Vastus Lateralis
4. Vastus Intermedius
5. Rectus Femoris
What are the components of the Medial compartment of the thigh?
1. Adductor Longus
2. Adductor Brevis
3. Adductor Magnus
4. Gracilis
What are the components of the Posterior compartment of the thigh?
1. Biceps Femoris
2. Semitendinosus
3. Semimembranosus
1. Lateral Femoral Cutaneous nerve
2. Sartorius
3. Vastus medialis
4. Rectus Femoris
5. Nerve to Vastus medialis
6. Vastus medialis
7. Quadriceps tendon
8. Patellar ligament
9. Iliopsoas
10. Femoral artery
11. Pectineus
12. Adductor Longus
13. Gracilis
14. Adductor Magnus
15. Saphenous nerve
1. Femoral nerve
2. Adductor longus
3. Vastus lateralis
4. Vastus intermedius
5. Rectus Femoris
6. Vastus Medialis
7. Pectineus
8. Adductor Longus
9. Adductor Brevis
10. Obturator nerve (anterior branch)
11. Gracilis
12. Adductor magnus
1. Pectineus
2. Adductor brevis
3. Adductor longus
4. Adductor magnus
5. Adductor hiatus
1. Sartorius
2. Rectus Femoris
3. Vastus lateralis
4. Vastus Intermedius
5. Vastus Medialis
1. Iliotibial tract
2. Biceps femoris (long head)
3. Vastus lateralis
4. Biceps femoris (short head)
5. Tensor Fasciae Latae
6. Vastus Lateralis
1. Adductor magnus
2. Gracilis
3. Semimembranosus
4. Semitendinosus
5. Semimembranosus
6. Long head of biceps femoris
7. Short head of biceps femoris
8. Tibial nerve
9. Common fibular nerve
What muscles comprise the hamstring muscles?
1. Biceps Femoris
2. Adductor Magnus
3. Semitendinosus
4. Semimembranosus
What muscle attaches at the greater trochanter?
Gluteus medius
What muscle attaches at the lesser trochanter?
1. Semimembranosus
2. Biceps Femoris (long head) + Semitendinosus
3. Adductor magnus
1. Gracilis
2. Sartorius
3. Semimembranosus
4. Semitendonosus
1. Adductor magnus tendon
2. Semimembranosus tendon
3. Biceps Femoris tendon
1. Abdominal aorta
2. Common iliac artery
3. External iliac artery
4. Lateral femoral circumflex
5. Deep femoral
6. Femoral artery
7. Adductor hiatus
What four arteries make up the cruciate anastomosis?
1. Ascending branch of 1st perforating artery.
2. Inferior gluteal artery
3. Medial femoral circumflex artery
4. Lateral femoral circumflex artery
Where in the ass do you give IM shots? and why?
Upper lateral quadrant

In order to avoid hitting the sciatic nerve
Adductor hiatus is significant how?
Once passed inferiorly,

the femoral nerve becomes the saphenous nerve

the femoral artery becomes the popliteal artery.