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What is the method of spread in most cases of osteomyelitis?
Hematogenous - blood born
What is the most commonly recovered organism causing osteomyelitis?
What particular organism is a frequent cause of osteomyelitis in patients with sickle cell disease?
What is the term given to describe a subperiosteal abscess which progresses, disrupts the blood supply and results in segmental bone necrosis in osteomyelitis?
Osteomyelitis defined.
Infection in the bone and/or marrow.
What is Pott's disease?
TB spondylitis

Vertebral involvement of TB Osteomyelitis
What are the common joints for RA?
PIP,MCP, Wrists, Ankles, Fingers, Elbows
What is spared by RA?
DIP, T/L/S spine, and CMC
What is RF?
Antibody against the Fc protein of Ig. Usually IgM
What are some cytokines involved in the destructive synovitis of RA?
What virus has been proposed as an etiological agent of Paget's disease?
What is the pathognomonic histologic appearance of bone in Paget's disease?
What are the 3 phases of Paget's disease?
1. Osteolytic phase
2. Mixed Osteoblastic & osteolytic phase
3. Late phase
Describe the late phase of Paget's disease.
Increased bone density,
thick trabecula,
and prominent mosaic pattern
What is the most common clinical manifestation of Paget's disease?
Arthritis due to rapid bone remodeling.

Erosion of articular surface leads to OA.
What are tumors associated with Paget's disease?