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Define arthropathy.
Disease of joint
Therapy of arthropathies depends on what two criteria?
1. Noninflammatory vs inflammatory
2. Noncrystalline vs crystalline
What percent of patients with radiographic OA changes have pain?
Less than half.
OA is developed when?
1. When cartilage/bone are abnormal
2. Excessive load on the joints causes the tissues to fail.
Primary OA?
Secondary OA?
Resulting from prior history of trauma/disorder/disease
RA affects whom?
Mostly women btw 25-55
Initial pathologic events of RA is due to what?

What does this result in? x3
Activation and/or injury to synovial endothelial cells.

1. Synovial edema
2. Neutrophil infiltration
3. Joint effusion
Where would you find pannus and what does it do?
In the joint of someone with chronic, progressive RA.

Pannus releases metalleoproteinases, which erode bone and cartilage.
- Inflammation?
- Morning?
- Constitutional symptoms?
Joint pain without swelling, warmth or redness

Morning stiffness less than hour

NO constitutional symptoms (fever, malaise, fatigue).
OA exam:
- Ill appearing?
- Bony Joint?
- Joint tenderness/ROM?
Not ill appearing

Bony joint enlargement

Joint tenderness with passive ROM
- Inflammation?
- Morning?
- Constitutional Symptoms?
Symmetric joint swelling, warmth, redness

Morning stiffness greater than 1 hour

May or may not have constitutional symptoms

Difficulties with ADL
RA exam:
- Ill appearing?
- Joint/ROM?
- Other x3
Ill appearing

Swelling, redness, warmth, and pain - Limited ROM

Ulnar deviation, boutonniere, and swan neck deformity
OA labs?
Labs usually normal
RA labs?
Abnormal labs.
- Anemia
- Increased PLT
- Increased ESR
- Increased C-reactive protein
- Increased immunoglobulin concentration
- Rhuematoid factor
Besides RA, what diseases have positive RF factor?
Liver disease
Does OA or RA have synovitis?
Not OA, but RA does
What joints are spared with OA?
Wrist, Ankles, MCP
What joints are spared with RA?
T/L/S spine, DIP, CMC
What is goal of OA management?
Relieve symptoms and thus maintain ADL.
What is an effective managment of OA? x4
1. PT/OT
2. Analgesia
3. Visco-supplementation ($$)
4. Surgery
What is an effective management of RA? x2
1. Analgesics
2. Anti-inflammatory