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What type of cells are prevalent in the dome regions of GALT. x 2
Immature Dendritic Cells.
- CD 11b+
- CD 8a- (myeloid DC's)
What type of cells are prevalent in the T cell regions of GALT. x 4
Dendritic Cells
- CD 11b-
- CD 11c+
- CD 8a+

Alpha beta TCR
How does B and T cells enter the MALT?
What is the epithelial cell network of MALT called?
FAE - Follicle Associated Epithelium
Malt germinal centers contain what?
IgA committed B cells
APC's can be found where in the GALT system?
In the T-cell regions
Majority of the T cells found in Peyer's patches (Inductive Sites) are?
CD4+, CD8-
From where does the IgA originate from before being transported out to the gut lumen.
Lamina Propria
Majority of lymphocyte population in Effector tissues of the GALT
Lamina Propria - Memory lymphocytes

Intraepithelial lymphocytes - CD4-, CD8+
T/F - B cells and plasma cells exist in the intraepithelial lymphocyte region.
In mucosal sites, what does plasma cells secrete? x2
IgA and IgG1
What are the responses of CD4+ T cells in protecting mucosal sites? x3
1. Th1 response (protective)
2. Th2 response
3. Th3 response (regulation)
CD4+ T cells express what cytokines in the Th1 (protective cellular) response? x3
1. IL 2
2. IFN gamma
3. TNF beta
CD4+ T cells express what cytokines in the Th2 response? x4
1. IL 4
2. IL 5
3. IL 6
4. IL 13
CD4+ T cells express what cytokines in the Th3 (or Tr) response? x2
1. IL 10
2. TGF beta
Which cells are responsible for protection against viral pathogens?
CD8+ T cells - cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Three ways for gut to mount defense against enteric antigen?
1. Through M-cells

Dendritic cells engulf antigen, go to lymph nodes (Mesenteric lymph node) via afferent lymphatics. Once matured, it will exit efferent lymphatics, into circulation, then back into gut.

2. Enter lamina propria

Same path as above.

3. Free antigens will enter lamina propria, then enter directly into circulation.
What is the major molecule responsible for activating macrophages to release tons of intermediates in Mucosal immunity.
IFN gamma