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All TCR's are associated with what?
Which MHC Class protein is not encoded in MHC?
MHC Class I Beta microglobulin
For MHC class I, the antigen binds between what two proteins?
Alpha 1 and Alpha 2
For MHC class II, the antigen binds between what two proteins?
Alpha 1 and Beta 1
MHC class I is distributed to what kind of cells?
All nucleated cells
MHC class II is distributed to what type of cells?

Macrophages, dendritic cells, B-cells, and Thymic epithelium.
MHC Class I proteins present antigens to?
CD8 T cells
MHC Class II proteins present antigens to?
CD4 T cells
MHC is on what chromosome?
Chromosome 6
What are the regions and gene products of HLA MHC Class I?
Region A --> HLA-A (alpha chain)
Region B --> HLA-B (alpha chain)
Region C --> HLA-C (alpha chain)
What are the regions and gene product of HLA MHC class II?
Region DP --> DP alpha beta
Region DQ --> DQ alpha beta
Region DR --> DR alpha beta
What does HLA class III encode for?
Not antigen presenting stuff, but encodes for C proteins and TNF alpha & TNF beta
MHC Class I pathway processes antigens from where?
MHC Class II pathway processes antigens from where?
In MHC Class I pathway, the antigen binds to MHC Class I inside what?
In MHC Class II pathway, the antigen and MHC bind in what?
How are MHC genes expressed?
Co-dominantly (maternal + paternal)