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What is the typical radiologic screening exam for Obstetrics / Fetal well-being?
What is the typical radiologic screening exam for abnormal prostate physical exam?
What is the typical radiologic screening exam for directing to prostate biopsy?
What modalities have ionizing radiation?
Radiographys (X-rays w/ or w/o contrast)
Nuclear medicine
What modalities have NO ionizing radiation?
How can radiograph contrasts be applied? x5
1. Intracavity
2. Intraarticular
3. Intravascular
4. Retrograde
5. Antegrade
Kidney stones, Kidney tubes, lines, and drains are all what?
Intravenous contrast is excreted by the kidneys to show drainage and lines. This is an example of what contrast application?
Directly puncture the kidneys and inject contrast. This is an example of what contrast application?
Putting contrast in the rectum, bladder, ureter, and/or urethra. This contrast application is an example of what?
What is retrograde pyelogram?
Contrast injected into bladder through a scope in the bladder. (In other words, stick scope in, then shoot contrast out ot it)
Using contrast X-rays films, a delayed excretion of a kidney would indicate what?
Retrograde pyelogram would be useful in detecting what in the ureter?
Tumor obstruction
An enlarged carcinoma of the kidney could be detected well with what?
CT with contrast
In nuclear medicine, how is a radionuclide (radiopharmaceutical) applied?
Usually intravenously
What is a time radioactivity curve?
A graph showing energy released from the decay of radionuclide over time.
If a bladder contrast can not identify a problem, what can be done to the bladder?
Distend it
What is a hysterosalpingogram?
Contrast injected retrograde into uterus, then X-ray.
In order to get "acoustic window" in transabdominal ultrasound, what needs to occur?
A full bladder
A time-radioactivity curve is used to measure what?
Quantify functional activity
What is TRUS (Trans Rectal Ultrasound) is the imaging method of choice for what? x 3
In males:
1. Investigating abnormal digital rectal exams.
2. Detect nodules
3. Direct biopsy
What is best to examine the testes?