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Blood consists of what?
1. Formed elements (cells & platelets)

2. Intercellular fluid material (plasma)
How much blood does average adult have?
5 - 5.5 liters
Life span of erythrocytes?
120 days
Blood functions X 3
1. TRANSPORTATION(nutrients, waste, hormones, proteins, ions, etc.)

2. Regulation of body TEMPERATURE

3. Assists in regulation of osmotic BALANCE and acid/base BALANCE
Plasma consists of what? X #3
1. 90% water

2. 9% organic compounds

3. 1% inorganic salts
Serum defined.
Yellowish fluid that remains after fibrinogen and other clotting factors have been removed.
What is a buffy coat?
A thin supernatant layer of leukocytes (light colored plasma) between the plasma layer and erythrocyte layer after centrifugation.
It is the volume of packed ERYTHROCYTES per UNIT VOLUME OF BLOOD expressed as a PERCENTAGE.
Describe hematocrit levels in venous blood and include why.
Hematocrit levels are greater in venous blood because of hydration and increase in size of cells.
Describe hematocrit levels during pregnancy and include why.
Hematocrit levels diminish during pregnancy due to hemodilation.