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What is an example of neuromuscular blocker?
What are the two types of neuromuscular blockers?
1. Competitive agents
2. Depolarizing agents
How does tubocurarine block neuromuscular receptor?
Competitive antagonize
Give two examples of depolarizing agents.

What is the mechanism of depolarizing agents.
Depolarize membrane by opening ion channels (just like ACh) followed by a block of neuromuscular transmission.
What are the physical responses to depolarizing agents.
Brief muscle fasciculation (muscle twitch)

Followed by flaccid paralysis
What are the physical responses to competitive neuromuscular blockers?
Rapid action (if IV) where

Immediate muscle weakness

Followed by total flaccid paralysis
Which muscles get effected first with competitive agents?
Small, rapid muscles such as eyes and fingers
Ultimately, what happens physiologically with competitive agents?
Respiration ceases

Intercostal muscles and diaphragm paralyzed
Recovery of respiratory function from competitive agents occurs how?
Reverse order. Diaphragm regains function first
Muscle soreness follows the administration of what drug and why?
Succinylcholie due to prolonged depolarization
T/F - Anesthesia and analgesia is induced by neuromuscular blockers.
What is the effect on the level of anesthesia with neuromuscular blockers?
Ligher level of anasthesia
Neuromuscular blockers are effective in what type of procedures? x2
Orthapedic and Intubations
During electroshock therapy, what is the benefit of neuromuscular blockers?
Prevents trauma
What is the effect of neuromuscular blockers on the CNS and why?
None, b/c does not cross blood brain barrier
How is the autonomic ganglia affected with neuromuscular blockers?
Competitve agents have some effect with blocking autonomic ganglia

, but not depolarizing agenst
Associate neuromuscular blockers with histamine
Tubocurarine produces histamine release
What does neuromuscular blockers do to CV system?
Tubocurarine in large IV doses result in rapid and severe hypotension
What competes or reverses the effects of COMPETITIVE neuromuscular blockers?
Cholinesterase inhibitor
Cholinesterase inhibitors do what to depolarizing agents?
Enhance effects
What is the most unwanted side effects of neuromuscular blockers? x3
1. Apnea (cease of breathing)

2. Cardiovascular collapse

3. Histamine release results
Malignant hyperthermia can be treated with what?
Halothane and succinylcholine