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What is the prototype antimuscarinic drug?
What does antimuscarinic drugs do to heart rate at low dose?
Decrease rate b/c stimulate vagus nerve
What does antimuscarinic drugs do to heart rate at high dose?
Increasing tachycardia by blocking vagal effects in the SA nodal pacemaker
Toxic dose of antimuscarinic does what to circulation?
Dilation of cutaneous blood vessels
T/F - Cholinergic innvervations exist in blood vessels.
False - NO cholinergic innvervations
Antimuscarinic poisoning can be diagnosed with what?
AChE inhibitor
Quartenary Ammonium compounds are absorbed with what efficiency orally?
Poor and unreliable
T/F - Quartenary Ammonium compounds cross blood brain barrier.
FALSE - b/c they have charge
Quartenary ammonium compound's potency for what receptors?
Antimuscarinic drugs are good for preanesthetic meds b/c why? x3
1. Inhibits secretion/salivation
2. Increases bronchiodilation
3. Sedation
Antimuscarinic drugs are contraindicated for what condition?
Narrow angle glaucoma
What does cyclopentolate do for cycloplegia (paralysis of eye ciliary)
Measures refractive index of eye