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Choice of immunosuppressive drug depends on what?
Stage of immune response.
What are the stages of the immune responses and when do they come into effect?
1. Primary response (transplantation)

2. Secondary response
What is IL-2?
A cytokine that enhances growth and proliferation of the cytotoxic T-cells.
What are four things that can cause autoimmunity.
1. Release of self antigens
2. Loss of tolerance
3. Cross reaction with foreign antigen
4. Bystander or Network stimulation
Cyclosporin does what three things?
1. Blocks calcineurin
2. Inhibits T cell activation
3. Inhibits IL-2 production
What is the major side effect of cyclosporin?
What are the three effects of Tacrolimus?
1. Blocks calcineurin
2. Inhibits T-cell activation
3. Inhibits IL-2 production
What is the major side effect of Tacrolimus?
Sirolimus does what?
1. Inhibits target of rapamycin (TOR) pathway
2. Inhibits T-cell activation
3. Inhibits RESPONSE to IL-2
Sirolimus has what major effects.
hyperlipidemia, HTN, thromboctyopenia
Glucocorticoids do what? x3
1. Affects cell proliferation and recirculation

2. Affects lymphocyte activation

3. Reduce Immunoglobulin levels
Glucocoriticoids side effects. x5
1. Cushings like symptoms
2. Hyperglycemia
3. Insomnia
4. Moon Face
5. Emotional lability
Azathioprine action
Blocks purine synthesis
Azathioprine side effects. x3
1. Bone marrow suppresion
2. Leukopenia
3. Thrombocytopenia
Cyclophosphamide actions
Alkylates DNA and inhibits cell division
What is the major side effect of Cyclophosphamide? x3
1. Hemorrhagic cystitis
2. Bone marrow suppression
3. Cardiotoxicity
Methotrexate actions x2
1. Inhibits Dihydrofolate reductase
2. Inhibits cell proliferation
Methotrexate side effects x5
1. Hepatic fibrosis
2. Increased risk of infection
3. Allopecia
4. Bone marrow depression
5. Cirrhosis
Effective SubQ drug for rheumatoid arthritis.