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On a Rosenthal (Scatchard) Plot, what does the slope imply?

or Inverse of Kd
On a Rosenthal (Scatchard) Plot, a curved line implies what?
More than one receptor site.
On a Hill plot, a slope of 1 implies what? What is the slope is higher than one?
If slope = 1, then 1 receptor site.

If slope > 1, then more than 1 receptor site.
Supersensitivity results from what? Give example.
Lack of stimulation.

Denervation supersensitivity of muscle.
Overstimulation can lead to what?
During muscle denervation, the muscle becomes supersensitive to what?
Supersensitivity involved what in tems of receptors? x2
1. Increased number of receptors.
2. Greater spread of receptors
What are the two types of receptors and what are they coupled to?
1. IONOTROPIC - ion channels

2. METABOTROPIC - metabolic events
Which receptors involve G-proteins?
Metabotropic receptors
Define First Messengers.
Chemical released by cell that act on another cell.
Where are 1st messengers located?
Extra Cellular Matrix
First messengers facilitate communication where?
Between cells
Second messengers are located where?
Second messengers facilitate communication where?
Within cell
Adenylyl Cyclase is an example of what kind of receptor?
Metatropic Receptor
Arachidonic Acid is the precursor to what lipid mediators (chemical messengers)? x3
1. Prostaglandins
2. Leukotrienes
3. Thrmboxanes
What are the NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) subtypes?
1. nNOS - neuronal (NOS1)
2. iNOS - inducible (NOS2)
3. eNOS - endothelial (NOS3)
In macrophages, what does NO react with to kill foreign bodies?
IFN - gamma