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What kinds of signals are conveyed to cells by the ECM? x 2
1. Positional information
(Where am I? Am I moving?)
2. Differentiation information.
(Who am I? What am I?)
What is the structure of integrins?
Heterodimeric proteins
What is the function of integrins?
Mediate cell/matrix and cell/cell interaction.
What are the subunits of integrins called?
alpha and beta
What is the purpose of the beta subunit integrin?
Connect the outside of the cell and the cytoskeletal elements of the cell
Integrin interaction with ECM motifs are dependent on what?
Divalent cation dependent (Ca2+ and/or Mg2+)
What is "inside-out" signaling (or affinity modulation)?
The dynamic change in integrin affinity state by cells.
What causes the low affinity state of integrins?
Cytoplasmic domains of the alpha and beta subunit form a "salt bridge"
What causes the high affinity state of integrin?
The interaction of cytoplasmic domains with adapter protein defeats the salt bridge.
Give three examples of adapter proteins that defeat the salt bridge.
What is the target integrin associated with platelet aggregation?
Alpha 2b Beta 3
What domain binds fibronectin to integrins?
RGD (or LAV)
Describe "outside in" signaling.
1. Fibronectin binds with integrins on cell surface.

2. Which mediates binding of signal proteins and/or adapter proteins.

3. Focal Adhesion Effector Complex binds the beta subunit and this allows actin to bind.

4. Amplification by recruitment of other integrin/ECM interactions.
What are the three parts of the Focal Adhesion Effector complex?
1. Signaling Proteins
2. Docking/Adaptor proteins
3. Actin Binding Proteins
What is syndecan?
A cell surface proteoglycan
Name three playas that regulate Integrin "outside-in" signaling.
1. FAK (Focal Adhesion Kinase)
2. Rho-GTPase
3. Syndecan