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What are the two enzymes associated with salvage pathways.
1. Adenosine Phosphoribosyltransferase.
What is the disorder associated with an absence of HGPRT?
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
What is the general feature of salvage pathways?
Transfer of the ribose from PRPP to a nitrogenous base.
What is the reaction catalyzed by adenosine phosphoribosyltransferase?
Adenosine + PRPP --> Adenylate + PPi
What is the reaction catalyzed by HGPRT?
Hypoxanthine + PRPP --> inosinate + PPi

Guanine + PRPP --> guanylate + PPi
Why do primates have high uric acid blood levels?
Because they fail to catabolize uric acid.
At physiological pH, uric acid exists as what?
MSU (Monosodium Urate)
What are two pathologies associated with Hyperuricemia.
Acute Gouty Arthritis

What is the basis of hyperuricemia?
1. Increased purine production
2. Increased purine degradation
What happens in hyperuricemia when purine production increases?
1. Elevated PRPP synthetase levels.
2. Loss of feedback inhibition of PRPP amidotransferases
What happens in hyperuricemia when purine degradation goes down.
1. Decreased slavage pathway-HGPRT activity is low
2. Increased adenine deaminase activity.
What is the treatment for acute gouty arthritis? x 3
2. Steroids
3. Colchicine
What is the treatment for chronic hyperuricemia? x 2
1. Diet
2. Urate lowering drugs
What are two examples of urate lowering drugs?
1. Allopurinol
2. Uricosurics