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Once primordial germ cells have arrived in the gonad of the female and become differentiated.
Follicular cells
Flat epithelial cells orginating from surface epithelium covering the ovary.
Primary oocytes
Differentiated from oogonia via mitosis, arrested in cell division of Prophase of meiosis I.
Primordial follicle
A primary oocyte together with its surrounding epithelial cells.
Diplotene stage
A resting stage during prophase characterized by a lacy network of chromatin
Oocyte Maturation Inhibition (OMI)
Small peptide secreted by follicular cells producing the arrested stage in Prophase of meiosis I.
Three stages of maturation experienced by primary follicles.
1.) Primary or Pre-antral
2.) Secondary or antral
3.) Pre-ovulatory
Which stage of maturation of primary follicles is the longest?
Granulosa cells
Differentiated from flat follicle cellsa to a stratified cuboidal epithelium.
Primary Follicle
When primordial follicles develop granulosa cells.
Theca folliculi
Stromal cells surrounding the granulosa
Zona pellucida
Layer of glycoproeins on the surface of the oocyte.
What secretes the zona pellucida?
Both granulosa cells and the oocyte.
Theca interna
Inner layer differentiated from theca folliculi that are SECRETORY cells.
Theca externa
Outer layer differentiated from theca folliculi that are FIBROUS cells.
coalescence of fluid filled spaces between granulosa cells.
Secondary (vesicular) follicle
Term for follicle once antrum is created
Cumulus oophorus
Granulosa cells surrounding the oocyte
What induces the pre-ovulatory growth phase?
Luteininzing hormones
After meiosis I, what is the result?
One secondary oocyte and first polar body.
What type of cells are locked into the prophase stage of meiosis I
primordial follicles