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What does aerobic glycolysis yield per 1 glucose?
2 H+
2 Pyruvate
What does anaerobic glycolysis yield per 1 glucose?
2 Lactate
What are the three key enzymes that are subject to allosteric regulation in glycolysis?
1. Hexokinase
2. PFK -1
3. Pyruvate kinase
What are the allosteric inhibitors of hexokinase in glycolysis?
Glucose 6 phosphate
What are the allosteric activators of hexokinase in glycolysis?
What are the allosteric inhibitors of PFK-1 in glycolysis?
Citrate, ATP, H+
What ar the allosteric activators of PFK-1 in glycolysis?
F2, 6P (Fructose 2,6 bisphosphate)


What are the allosteric inhibitors of pyruvate kinase in glycolysis?
Alanine and ATP
What are the allosteric activators of pyruvate kinase in glycolysis?
Fructose 1,6 bisphosphate
What is the archrival of Phosphofructokinase (PFK-1) in gluconeogenesis?
Fructose 1,6 bisphosphatase (FBP-1)
What does the muscle use first for energy?
Stored glycogen
What does the muscle use second for energy?
Glucose from liver
Muscle soreness and sensation can be caused by what?
Lactate buildup from anaerobic glycolysis.
Lactic acidosis can be caused by what?
Too much lactic acid secreted from erythrocytes that have no mitochondria.
What does the Cori cycle do?
Takes lactic acid from blood and RBC's and makes glucose at a loss of 4 ATP.
Liver uses what enzyme instead of hexokinase?
What are the unique qualities of glucokinase?
1. Higher Km
2. Higher Vmax
3. Not inhibited by G6P
What is the advantage of glucokinase?
Range of responsiveness allows the liver to "buffer" blood glucose.
What inhibits glucokinase and how?
Fructose 6 Phosphate inhibits glucokinase by sequestering in the hepatic nucleus via Glucokinase regulatory protein.
What activates glucokinase and how?
Glucose activates glucokinase by allowing release fo glucokinase from Glucokinase regulatory protein in nucleus. GK will return to cytosol and phosphorylate glucose to G6P.
Insulin affects what in muscle cells?
Uptake, utilization, and storage of glucose.
Insulin affects what in liver cells?
utilization and storage of glucose.
GLUTS are active transporters.
What is GLUT 1 responsible for?
What is GLUT 2 responsible for?
Organs such as Liver, Kidney, and Gut
What is GLUT 3 responsible for?
What is GLUT 4 responsible for?
Muscle and Adipose
Which GLUT is insulin a factor?
What happens when insulin is on the surface of muscles?
Vesicular transport sends GLUT 4 to the membrane.
Insulin stimulates the synthesis of what in the liver?
Fructose 2,6 bisphosphate (F2,6P)
Insulin stimulates the expression of what three genes in liver?
1. Glucokinase
2. Phosphofructokinase (PFK)
3. Pyruvate kinase
Insulin has what type of effect on glycolysis?
INCREASES it via stimulation of F2,6P which activates PFK-1
HexK and PyrK deficiencies manifest only where? Leading to what?
RBC's leading to hemolytic anemia.
How does glycerol enter glycolysis?
Enters as glyceraldehyde