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Motivation for Syria invation
1. Resources: Timber for Navy, Cotton and Silk. Tobacco.
2. Buffer to shield from Ottomans
Favorable Intl. condition @ time
-Britain: Chartism
-France: French and Algerian revolt
-Austria: Polish revolt
Ottoman @ time of Syria invasion
-Infant army
-Navy was destroyed at Navarino
-Renewed War w/Russia
-Mahmud II was busy with centralization
Favorable conditions in Syria
-Revolt in Damascus against OTT in 1831
-Peasants in S. Syria revolt against excessive taxation
-Mt. Lebanon in union w/Rome
Military actions
-Palestine occ. w/o opposition in 1831
-Egyptian Navy was unopposed in Med.
-Headed by Ibrahim Parsha, defeated Ottomans 3 time and Syrian army in Anatolia
-Prussia, Brtish, French int. in treaty of 1833
Egypt under Ibrahim Parsha 1831-1840
-Security promoted agriculture
-Opened Syria to European influenced
-European manufacturers flooded market
-European consuls in Damascus
-Missionaries open schools
Anti Egyptian revolt 1834-1838
Because of
-Disarmament of population
-Forced unpaid labor under Corvee (feudal labor)
-Heavy taxation
-Hilly areas of Palestine/Mountains
-North: Druzes
-South: Alawites
Suppression of revolt
w/help of Bashir Shibab II, leader of Lebanon