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What are Characteristics of the M-9?
a. Manufacturer: Beretta.
b. 9mm NATO
c. Semiautomatic – recoil operated, self-loading and magazine fed.
d. Double-action
e. Magazine fed -- 15 round capacity.
What is the weight of the M-9?
(1) Unloaded -- 34 oz w/empty magazine.
(2) Loaded -- 41 oz w/15 rd magazine.
What are the types of fire for the M-9?
(a) Double action.
(b) Single action.
What are the safety features of the M-9?
(a) Safety/decocking lever – allows the hammer to be lowered without causing an accidental discharge.
(b) Firing pin block – secures the firing pin and prevents it from moving forward even if the pistol is dropped.
(c) Half-cock position – allows the shooter to stop firing double action and prevents the weapon from
What is the Maximum effective range of the M-9?
50 meters
What is the Maximum range of the M-9?
1,800 meters
What are the ammunitions types of the M-9?
a. Ball cartridge -- M882, NATO.
b. Hollow point – MK 243 Mod 0.
c. Dummy cartridge.
d. Frangible – MK 254 Mod 0.
What is a stoppage?
Any interruption in the cycle of operation. A stoppage may or may not be caused by the weapon functioning improperly.
What is a malfunction?
A failure of the weapon to function properly. A malfunction can usually be pinpointed to a specific part breakage or excessive wear.
What is a misfire?
a complete failure to fire
What is a hang fire?
a delay in the firing of the weapon.
What is a short recoil?
Short recoil – a noticeable difference in recoil and report (noise). If short recoil is suspected, shooters must stop firing immediately.
What is Immediate action?
The prompt action taken by the user to correct a stoppage. The procedure for applying immediate action should become instinctive to the user, without the user attempting to discover the cause. It is important the user apply immediate action instinctively to correct a stoppage.
Describe Immediate action procedures with slide fully forward (tactical situation).
(1) Ensure the decocking lever/safety is in the fire (up) position
(2) Firmly tap on bottom of magazine to ensure it is fully seated and locked in place.
(3) Pull slide fully to the rear and release.
(4) Squeeze the trigger.
(5) If weapon still fails to fire:
(a) Remove magazine, eject chambered round, insert a new magazine, retract slide and release to chamber a new round.
(b) Squeeze the trigger.
(c) If the pistol still does not fire, replace the ammunition
(d) If the pistol still does not fire, clear/unload the pistol and turn in for inspection/repair.