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What is the description of the M-4?
a. Light weight.
b. Gas operated.
c. Air-cooled.
d. Magazine fed.
e. Shoulder fired weapon.
f. Fired in semi-automatic or three-round burst (when firing a three-round burst, the first or last trigger pull may not fire 3 rounds; this is not a malfunction and should be expected).
What is the Maximum rates of fire.
(1) Semiautomatic - 45 round per minute (rpm).
(2) Automatic (3-round burst) - 90 rpm.
(3) Sustained – 12 to 15 rpm.
(4) Cyclic – 700 to 970 rpm.
(5) On the first or last trigger pull on burst, the weapon may fire less than three shots. This is not a malfunction.
What is the Maximum range?
3600 meters (m). The launch angle for maximum range is approximately 37 degrees.
What is the Maximum effective ranges?
(1) Point target - 500m
(2) Area target - 600m
What is the description of the M68 Close Combat Optic?
The M68 sight is a reflex (non-telescopic) sight using a red aiming reference (collimated dot) and is designed for the “two eyes open” method of sighting. The dot follows the horizontal and vertical movement of the gunner’s eye while remaining fixed on the target beyond 50M. No centering/focusing is required. When engaging targets less than 50M away you must center the red dot in the sight
What is the M68's Battery Life?
75 - 500 hours average (Air Force tests have revealed the improved circuitry allows the CCO to operate for months and in freezing conditions).
What are the types and Use of Ammunition?
a. Ball - M855 - green tip.
b. Ball - M193
c. Blank - M200
d. Tracer - M856
e. Dummy - M199
What are the M-4 Clearing Procedures?
a. Selector lever to safe (if possible).
b. Magazine out.
c. Visually inspect chamber and receiver.
d. Ensure selector lever is on safe.
e. Allow bolt to go forward.
What is a stoppage?
Any interruption in the cycle of operation. A stoppage may or may not be caused by the weapon functioning improperly.
What is a malfunction?
A failure of the weapon to function properly. A malfunction can usually be pinpointed to specific part breakage or excessive wear.
What are common malfunctions?
(a) Failure to feed, chamber or lock.
(b) Failure to fire a round.
(c) Failure to eject.
(d) Failure to extract.
(e) Failure of the bolt to lock to the rear.
What is immidiate action?
The un-hesitating actions taken by the shooter when a stoppage occurs. This action is taken without taking time to investigate the cause.
What are the steps for immidiate action?
(1) Slap upward on bottom of magazine to ensure it is fully seated.
(2) Pull charging handle to the rear.
(3) Observe for ejection of empty casing or live round.
(4) Check chamber for obstruction. If chamber is not clear, apply remedial action.
(5) If cartridge or case is ejected or chamber is clear, release the charging handle to feed new round. Do not ride the charging handle forward.
(6) Tap the forward assist.
(7) Fire. If it won’t fire, look for trouble and apply remedial action.
Under normal temperatures, what lubricants do you use on the M-4?
What is the lubricant to use during cold artic conditions.