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Lyme Disease etiologic agent: (what's the bug?)
Borrelia burgdorferi
What are the distinctive features of Borrelia burgdorferi?
-Unicellular organism
-Loosely coiled lefthand helix
-Can pass thru most bacteriological filters
-Gram neg
Borrelia burgdorferi VECTOR
Ixodes dammini
what is Ixodes dammini?
The deer tick
What do we call the type of structure that is the Borrelia burgdorferi species?
What are the skin lesions caused by borrelia burgdorferi called?
Erythema chronicum migrans
What are the 2 effects that cause the resulting pathology of lymes disease?
1. Accumulation of immune complexes in joints
2. O-antigen stimulation of interleukin-1 from macrophages
What results from immune complex accumulation in joints?
Attraction of neutrophils and erosion of bone and cartilage; thus arthritis-like symptoms.
Type of antigen on Borrelia:
What does the presence of O-antigen in the body stimulate?
Macrophages to secrete IL-1
Result of IL-1 stimulation:
Stimulated production of Collagenase and Prostaglandin
Result of Collagenase and Prostaglandin increases:
-Collagen breakdown
3 clinical symptom stages of lymes disease:
1. Rash
2. Neurological
3. Arthritis
Time from of the Rash stage:
2-30 days after bite
Features of the rash stage:
-A large bull's eye rash expands radially from the tickbite
-Noticeable swelling at center
-Fatigue, fever, chills, headache, and backache
Features of the Neurological stage of lyme's disease:
-Neurological complication
-Migrating musculoskeletal pain
Primary symptoms of the Arthritis stage of Lyme's disease:
Joint problems similar to those in rheumatoid arthritis, lasting from several months to 2 years after rash stage.
Most effective antibiotics for treating Lyme disease: