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Luring Chapter 7 biology
Cut the cards apart and STUDY!!
Are chromosomes paired together and exchange DNA during anaphase II?
No they are separated.
What is the process called by which sperm are produced in male animals?
In asexual or sexual reproduction do two parents each pass copies of all of their cells to their offspring?
What is the exchange of corresponding portions of chromatids between homologous chromosomes
Does asexual reproduction provide for genetic diversity?
Does Meiosis in female animals results in the same number of ova as sperm were produced by meiosis in the male?
Which does not provide new genetic combinations?
random fertilization
independent assortment
When crossing-over takes place, chormosomes
exchange corresponding segments of DNA
The exchange of segments of DNA between the members of a pair of chromosomes
acts as a source of variations within a species
The more common name for an ovum is
Reproduction, which is the process of producing offspring, can be two what 2 types?
asexual or sexual
Draw metaphase 1 and anaphase 1
Metaphase chromosomes line up at the equator
Anaphase chromosomes split and are pulled back to poles by spindle fibers.
What is one advantage of asexual reproduction?
reproduce quickly, large numbers of offspring, simpler, only need one parent cell
What are three ways in which genetic recombination results during meiosis?
gametes fuse- blending of traits, independent assortment of genes
What are some advantages of asexual reproduction?
It is less complex,
The organisms do not use energy making gametes or finding a mate.
When in a stable environment, organisms are able to produce many offspring in a short period of time.
What are some differences between meiosis I and meiosis II?
Meiosis goes through the steps of mitosis twice
Four daughter celss are created from the original cell in Meiosis and in Mitosis it is 2 daughter cells.
What do we call an individual produced by asexual reproduction that is genetically identical to its parent?
A Clone
What does the fertilization of the haploid sperm and egg result in the restoration of what number of chromosomes in the zygote?
What is the process of a sperm and egg cell joining?
What are the 4 haploid cells called that formed in the male at the end of meiosis II and develop and tail?
What is a reciprocal exchange of corresponding segments of DNA called?
What are the cells called resulting from meiosis in either males or females?