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Bronchiectasis definition
permanent dilation of bronchi, w/ peri-bronchial inflam & organization w/ muco-purulent debris
Bronchiectasis path
- Impaired mucus flow -> microbial colonization -> microbial products (elastase)
– all of this causes mucus hypersecretion and structural damage
Bronchiectasis Sx
cough, purulent sputum, hemoptysis, localized rales or rhonchi, and clubbing
Bronchiectasis causes of impaired flow how?
1) Obstruction to outflow
2) Abnormal mucus (CF)
3) abnormal ciliary function (1oCD)
Bronchiectasis treatment
drainage, antibiotics, and bronchodilators – surgical resection is rarely needed
Bronchiectasis radiology
airway dilation which extends to the periphery
Upper>lower lobe emphysema
suggests centrilobular type, from smoking
Lower>upper lobe emphysema
suggests panlobular type, from A1AT deficiency
BOOP definition
Bronchiolar lumen and alveolar airspace fibroblastic proliferation
BOOP clinical
- acute onset cough, dyspnea, fever, and malaise
- multiple associations (collagen-vascular disease)
- most patients respond to corticosteroids
BOOP radiology
will show multiple patchy airspace infiltrates
BOOP path
will show patchy fibromyxoid plugs in distal bronchioles and alveoli, +/- endogenous lipid pneumonia