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deluxe cheeseburger
100% USDA choice groudn chuck burger, topped with choice of cheese (american, montery jack, or cheddar) upon request, topped with 2 strips lean bacon($.95). served on toasted roll w/ LTM... MW or W done.
carolina classic cheeseburger
our CB topped with homeade chili and coleslaw. does NOT have LTM
classic filet o fish
chefs choice of fresh fish breaded and fried, topped with american cheese, lettuce and tarter. toasted bun. (cod when fresh, or flounder or mahi mahi)
grilled chicken sandwich
boneless 6 oz breast of chicken car grilled and basted with special marinade. toasted bun w/LTM..
fried chicken sandwich
boneless 6oz breast of chicken breaded adn fried. toasted bun w/LTM. BUFFALO style adds wings sauce and bleu cheese crumbales $1.00..spicy
chicken salad
homemade chicken salad served as a wrap sandwich or wheat bread with L. w/rotisserie chicken
turkey BLT
5 ounces boars head turkey topped with bacon, LTM on wheta bread or as a wrap.
california fish wrap
fresh white fish (grouper, cod, mahi) deep fried and tossed w/tomatoes, cheddar cheese, cabbage and a lemon lime mustard dressing. wrapped in a 12 inch tortilla shell cut in 2 pieces
philly cheese steak
shaved slices of prime rib sauteed w/red green adn yellow peppers and onion. toped w/melted monetery jack cheese served on a hoagie roll. served w/ au jus
roast chicken club
hand pulled rotisserie roasted chicken breast, fresh LT bacon, american and motery jack cheeses and M served WW bread or as a wrap.
shrimp louie wrap
shrimp salad and lettuce, in a soft tortilla shell.
bluewater po' boy
8 medium sized oysters or 7 shrimp breaded and deep fried. topped w/ montery jack cheese. served on a hoagie roll w/ LT and tarter
grilled fresh catch sandwich
6 oz piece of fresh fish that is grille dand topped with lem dill butter. served on a bun w/LT tarter.. BLACKENED, BROILED, ISLAND STYLE