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Medical diagnosis
process physician uses to learn the nature, cause and extent of an illness, injury or disorder.
Medical history
a narrative or chronological inquiry of the patient's symptoms (as given by the patient)
Physical examination
an assessment of the patient's body by inspection (palpation, auscultation, percussion)
Standard diagnositc procedures
physical measurements, electrodiagnositcs, endoscopy,medical imaging, anatomic and/or clinical pathology.
*Screening test
to identify common & potentially serious medical problems b/4 they produce symptoms & irreparable dmg.
A unit
a specific quantitiy or magnitude used for purposes of measurement or discussion
Median of values
the middle value in a distribution
Mode of values
the value occurring most frequently
Average of values
the sum of all the values % the number of values.
standard deviation
how far a standard varies from the average
1/100 of the total range of values
normal range
the average value in a list of values
false positive
an abnormal or positive test result in a person who is free from the condition.
false negative
a normal or negative test result in a person who has a disease.
a tests correctnes
sensitivity of a test
ability to produce abnormal results consistanty
reproducibility of a test
ability to produce the same result time and time again
(Physician's Current Procedural Terminology)
a system that assigns a 5-digit code to each type of service for billing purposes
basic body measurements - height, weight, girth and arm span
Body Mass Index - % weight in kilograms by the square of the height in meters (kg/m2)
Vital signs
temperature, pulse, respiratory rate and blood pressure.
FUO - Fever of Undetermined Origin
Fever of 101F or higher lasting longer than 3 weeks and not explainable.
Clinical pathology
examination & test performed on body fluids
the study of blood
chemical properties composing the living body
Clinical chemistry
application of biochemistry to diagnostic medicine
basic microscopic & chemical examination of urine specimens
the study of microscopic living things
study of the defense mechanism
study of anigen-antibody reactions
Molecular biology
study of DNA and RNA
Function testing
capacity of an organ or tissue to perform its normal funcion.
panel or profile
a group of tests frequently performed together
SI (Systeme International d'Unites - The International System)
a decimal system of weights and measures based on the metric system.
identifying label placed on a specimen container (patient name,person who drew etc)