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LSD..average age of initiation? What receptor/pathway does it activate? How is it taken? T 1/2?
Ave age = 18.3, easy to get at any school/mall
Activates a cascade starting with the Serotonergic 5HT-2 receptor
Usually taken orally, but can be smoked, sniffed, absorbed in powder format, etc
T 1/2 = 3 hrs, but a single dose can last for 4-12 hrs
What efects do LSD have on the CNS? Is there any evidence for genetic/long-term damage from LSD? What are the major long-term effects? How to TX?
Euphoria with a labile affect...VISUAL HALLUCINATIONS, senesthesias (distortions)...sensory overflows where you hear colors and smell songs, Ego fragmentation that leads people to go nuts
No geentic-long term toxicities, but can get way to treat is just to support/reassure that all will be well
PCP..what receptor(s) activated? How used? First use? What pops. use it? What are its CNS effects and bad side effects? IS PCP addicitve?
It is a glutamate antagonist that might interact with DOPA/serotonin receptors. It is smoked in joints, sometimes with pot.
Used at 16.5 y/o. Causes euphoria and a floating, peaceful experience. Causes bodily distortions that result in SELF AMPUTATIONS. Also, it terrorizes the crap out of people after OD. Generally, get violent in ED.
Not physiologically addictive, but psychologically YES. People become dull and amotivational after chronic use.
Ecstasy..somatic symptoms? CNS effects? What receptor? Any possible chronic effects? (i.e links with depression?)
Causes an increase in BP/HR, a dry mouth (hence, constantly drinking/sucking on something), and bruxism, which is a grinding of teeth
CNS- euphoria and loving feelings (loss of inhibition), also see altered time perception and anxiety
May lead to depression in chronic users due to destruction of serotonin destruction
What drug causes you to be panic stricken as if your ego/self is falling apart?
What drug causes you to be terrorized and lead to self-erceptions to the point of self-amputation?
What drug leads to loving feelings?
What drug is very similar to alcohol and frequently seen in 16 y/o car crashes?
Do psychosocial interventions actually prevent suicide? What is the evidence? Contact letters?
While it appears that they reduce the cummulative risk of suicide, there is still almost no evidence. But, contact letters do work.
What is the # 1 risk factor for suicide? Others? Does CBT decrease suicidality? Next step?
SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, 40X more likely to commit with a history of attempt
Others include hospitalization for psychiatric illness

Only 1 of many studies show that CBT decreases suicidality. Saw less depression, hopelessness, and suicidal ideations. Next step= implementation
Why is it so hard to do suicidality rsk factor RCTs? Briefly describe how a 10 session CBT therapy scheme for suicide prevention would work?
Tough to get valid/reliable measures of suicidal behavior
1-3 Do a suicide assessment, develop a safety plan, get a description of the suicide attempt and recognize thought processes gone awry
4-7: give them cognitive and behavioral strategies for coping with situations, develp REASONS FOR LIVING,
8-10- walk through a suicide attempt and utilize the nex coping strategies