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When is performance counseling conducted?
at midpoint of each evaluation cycle and when the fitness/evaluation report is signed
Counseling - performance
What type of counseling is to enhance professional growth, encourage professional development, and improve communication among all command members?
Performance Counseling
Counseling - performance
What are the outcomes for average or below average performers? for above average performers?
average/below average - improvement
above average - guidance/identify growth areas
Counseling - performance
What type of counseling is conducted when an individual has violated a specific order or regulation?
Disciplinary counseling
How is disciplinary counseling conducted?
what should be the focus?
Directive and one-way guidance.
Retaining the Sailor being counseled as a full, productive member of the work center
What references are available for disciplinary counseling?
Standards of Conduct - US Navy Regulations Chapter 11

Uniform Reguations


What is a common type of written communication?
Performance evaluation
Performance Eval
What are the two categories of factors that impact performance evaluations?
Quantitive and Non-quantitative
Performance Eval
"Adjectives without supporting details are weak, so support the accolades with ________"
Performance Eval
Which category could be more meaningful for a selection board - quantitative or non-quantitive?
Quantitive - are hard to dispute and sometimes seem to be more objective than descriptive statements
Performance Eval
Evaluation preparation components are....?
mid-term counseling
brag sheet
written eval
Performance Eval
Standards Based Evaluation in superior commands are....
- stds are clear/consistent
- stds are realistic/high
- stds are continuously monitored
-positive/negatie frequently given
-performance problems handled quickly/appropriately
- All levels participate in enforcing stds
Performance Eval
What instruction provides guidance in performance evaluations?
Performance Eval
What is the classic writer's triangle?
Writer, Audience, Subject
Written Communication
What should a Sailor be concerned about when writing?
Audience - what rank are you addressing and how important is that person's boss
Subject - make the point quickly (not beyond 2 paragraphs) based on how readers usually treat a document is valuable
knowing yourself - how do you want to be projected to others, respect is a good quality in writing to seniors, act to be believed
ONE OTHER - keep facts in and adverbs out when writing for "the boss", give the senior more than is needed and get seniors feedback to learn the senior's key phrases
Written Communication
Sources of Conflict
External, internal and behavior of others
Conflict Mgmt
Examples of External, Internal and Behavior of Others
External - poor functioning equipment, time constraints, and badly designed policies
Internal - dissimilar values, biases, fear of the unfamiliar, unrealistic expectations, and inflexibility of those who work toward a common goal
The behavior of others - failure to listen, disrespectfulness, judgmental comments, repeated excuses, clash of styles, offensive language, personal hygiene
Conlfict Mgmt
________ refers to different approaches that people use when they find themselves in a conflict situation.
Conflict Mangement Modes
Conflict Mgmt
What are the five most common conflict management styles?
Win-lose (competition)
Win-Win (collaboration)
Lose-Lose (avoidance)
Lose - Win (accommodation)
Compromise (not same as collaboration - it means gives up a part of what he/she wants) which results ina mediocre resolution that meets no one's needs
Conflict Mgmt
What are the four elements of Lead by Example?
1- Exercise patience with others (accept work is comprised of processes and cycles)
2- distinguish between the person and the behavior
3- Keep promises you make to others (a measure of integrity)
4- Focus on the circle of influence (work positively within your realm of control will expand your circle of influence)
How can you foster professional interactions?
1- seek first to understand
2- create a climate for questions and new ideas (don't criticize, judge, belittle)
What are the negotiating techniques?
Set the agenda.
Establish your goals.
Know your wants and needs. (meet needs, not wants)
Don't confuse goals with issue (goals-accomplish; issues -differences during negotiation)
Mutual protection better than mutual destruction (benefit all parties). Relationships are important (don't destroy relationships in order to accomplish your goal).
Do not stereotype (recognize who they are, not what you think they are).
Don't bargain against yourself (wait for a response from other part). Identify what will interefere with meeting your needs.
Seek a settlement (respond to meet your needs and goals (don't reciprocate emotion).
Be proactive/not reactive (don't wait for other party to take the lead for a solution, make a proposal)
Be flexible (give in order to get)