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Which mineral is lacking or deficient in osteoporosis?
What happens to skin as it ages?
It thins out and loses elasticity
awareness of body's position
Cardiovascular Signs of Aging
-Heart capacity decreases by 25%
-Cardiac muscle strength decreases (can't pump as well)
-Valves become thickened and more rigid (don't open and close right anymore)
Progressive loss of hearing with aging

(Presby-"old" & "C" looks like an ear)
Decreased sight in elderly (farsighted old people!)

Presby-"old" Opia-"pertaining to eyes"
What is TIA?
Transient-Ischemic Attack--interruption of flow to brain that causes stroke like symptoms BUT IS TEMPORARY!
What are some symptoms of TIA?
-Sudden inability to write/speak
-Pain / Numbness
-Loss of balance
Condition characterized by increased intraocular pressure (increased pressure inside eyeball)
Clouding of the lens (in the eye)
Symptoms of Cataracts
Blurry vision
Signs & Symptoms of Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)
-Poor circulation in extremities (cyanosis)
-Distended veins
-Hair loss
-Cool Skin Temperature
Cramping of leg muscles brought on by exercise
What is treatment of intermittent claudication?
REST-exercise some until it begins to hurt and then rest until pain goes away then exercise some more
Ringing in the ears
Why are the elderly always cold?
-Thinner skin
-Slower circulation
What factors contribute to falls in the elderly?
-Decreased mobility

-Decreased health status

-Decreased mental status
What are some ways to relieve constipation?
-Increase mobility (move around more)
-Increase fiber
-Increase fluids
-Decrease in bone mass
(bones are more hollow and therefore, break easier)
Field of science that studies the process of aging
What does a decrease in peristalsis (wave-like motion of the intestines) mean to the elderly?
How can a nurse best assess the elderly patient's nutritional status?
-By questioning the patient
-By closing observing patient's nutritional patterns (know what your patient is eating and how much)
In presbycusis, what ability diminishes first?
Ability to hear high pitched sounds