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Solute definition
A substance that can dissolve
Solvent definition
A liquid which dissolves substances
Define solution
A solute dissolves in a solvent
Define saturated solution
When no more solute can dissolve at a particular temperature
Define solubility
Amount of solute that can dissolve in fixed volume of solvent at a particular temperature
3 factors that affect solubility
1. Temperature
2. Surface Area
3. Stirring
Process of water cycle in the right order
1. Evaporation & Transpiration
2. Condensation
3. Clouds
4. Rain/Precipitation
5. Run off
6. River
Process of water purification in the right order
1. Filtration
2. Sedimentation
3. Coagulation
4. Chlorination & Fluoridation
Purpose of adding Fluoride
To make our teeth healthy and stronger
Purpose of adding Chlorine
To kill bacteria and microorganisms
Purpose of adding Alum
To further coagulate soil particles
Purpose of adding Lime
To make the water less acidic
4 ways to conserve water
1. Use bucket to wash car
2. Turn off tap after use
3. Collect rainwater for washing cars and watering plants
4. Use water from washing vegetables and fruits for watering plants
Produced when hydrogen burns in air
Test for hydrogen
Burning splint will be extinguish with a 'pop' sound
Process for breaking down water
Equation for electrolysis
water -> hydrogen + oxygen
2 uses and properties of hydrogen
1. Weather balloon - It's very light
2. Fuel - It's liquid gas
In electrolysis, oxygen gas produced at?
Positive electrode
In electrolysis, hydrogen gas produced at?
Negative electrode
Formula for density
4 uses of water
1. Cooking
2. Showering
3. Washing
4. Drinking