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What nerve is affected in tarsal tunnel syndrome?
femoral nerve?
How is weight destributed from the trunk into the pelvic girdle?
sacroiliac joins the pelvic girdle to the hip joints to the femora. Knee joints are directly under the trunk.
What is the action of the iliopsoas in standing?
Iliopsoas contract to keep the body erect and keep the line of gravity anterior to knee
4 Major openings from Pelvis to upper limb
Greater sciatic foramen
Lesser sciatic foramen
Obturator foramen
Space beneath inguinal ligament
Femoral n. innervation and opening?
Femoral ?
Osteology of the Lower Limb
largest vein in lower limb?
Greater saphenous vein
what is the venous drainage of lower limb?
Great saphenous vein drains into the femoral vein after it passes through the opening in the fascia lata
what aids in venous return?
muscle compression
pulse of the artery compresses the veins
Where does External iliac artery changes its name to the femoral artery?
at the inguinal ligament
Significance of the adductor hiatus?
femoral artery passes through structure and becomes the popliteal artery
Femoral Nerve dorsal roots?
Anterior rami L2 3 4 - descends laterally to psoas maj m.
What is the Lumbosacral trunk?
Sciatic Nerve is composed of?
Roots of the L4,5,S1,2,3 contribute to the sciatic nerve
Nerve innervating the medial aspect of leg
saphenous nerve
Anterior Compartment Lower limb nerves
Nerve to quadratus femoris
Nerve to inferior gemellus
Nerve to obturator internus and superior gemellus
Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
Pudendal nerve (S2,3,4)