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Common Fibular Nerve components
Dorsal Division of Ventral Rami L4- S2
Posterior Femoral Cutaneous N. components
Dorsal Division of Ventral Rami S1, S2 and Ventral Division of Ventral Rami S2, S3
Allows for expansion of Femoral Nerve
Femoral Canal
Origin of Quadratus Femoris
Ischial Tuberosity
Femoral Nerve components
Dorsal Division of Ventral Rami L2-L4
Inferior Gluteal Nerve components
Dorsal Div of Ventral Rami L5-S2
Gluteus Medius action
Abduct the thigh/hip
Piriformis Origin
pelvic surface of sacrum
Posterior Branch of Obturator Nerve
Ventral Divisions of Ventral Rami L2-L4
Gluteus maximus innervation
Inferior gluteal N.
Lesser Trochanter anastamosis
cruciate anastamosis
attaches to Gerdy's tubercle
iliotibial band
fxnl classification of sacroiliac joint
Obturator Nerve components
Ventral Div of Ventral Rami L2-L4
Piriformis exits what structure
Greater Sicatic Foramen
structural classification of symphysis pubis
secondary cartilaginous joint, fnl amphiarthrosis
action of gluteus medius
Abduct the thigh/hip
arterial supply of superior gemellus
inferior gluteal artery
structural classification of hip joint
synovial spheroid
fxn of eponychium
prevent infection
Sciatic Nerve components
Dorsal Division of Ventral Rami L4-S2, Ventral Division of Ventral Rami L4-S3/ both sensory and motor
origin of psoas major
T12 through L5 vertebral bodies
Ligament that turns Lesser Sciatic notch into a foramen
Sacrotuberous ligament
Muscle that passes through Lesser Sciatic Foramen
Obturator Internus
Components of femoral branch of Genitofemoral Nerve
Ventral Divisions of Ventral Rami L1-L2
Superor Vesical A. is a branch of
Obliterated Umbilical A.
2 branches of External iliac artery proximal to the inguinal ligament
Inferior Epigastric A. and Deep Circumflex Iliac A.
Components of Inferior Gluteal N.
Dorsal Div. of Ventral Rami L5-S2
Name one structure that attaches to ASIS
Inguinal Ligament
what nerve runs through posterior sacral foramen
dorsal rami of S2
no trochanters present on radiograph
minimum age is 1, maximum age is 4
what artery supplies the superior gemellus m.
inferior gluteal a.
The femoral A. and V. travel through what structure in the thigh
Vascular Lacuna
Perforating Cutaneous N. components
Dorsal Division of Ventral Rami S2, S3