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Lateral rotators of the thigh
Sup/Inf Gemellus
tendon of obturator int.
Quadratus femoris
Gluteus minimus
Superior gluteal nerve (L4,5,S10
medial rotator
Gluteus medius
Superior gluteal nerve (L4,5,S10
Assist in medial and lateral rotation
Trendelenburg's Test
Test dmg to superior gluteal nerve.
Positive if pelvis drops on opposite side when standing on one leg
Gluteus maximus
Extension of hip
Inferior gluteal nerve (L5,S1,2)
fuses with TFL to form IT band
Site safe for gluteal injections
Von Hochstetter triangle
upper lateral quadrant
Acetabular labrum
Fibrocartilage that deepens socket
completed by transverse acetabular ligament
Pit on head of femur
Fovea capitus
allows for entry of vessels
Coxa vara
decreased angle of inclination
Coxa Valga
increased angle of inclination
What femur neck fractures are most serious
subcapital fractures
Angle of Torsion
How the femoral head fits in the acetabulum

increased angle: toes point in
decreased angle: toes point out
Quadriceps angle
wider in females
-more ACL injuries in females
Wider angle can lead to chondromalcia of the patella
Ligament for head of femur
allows passage of acetabular branch of obturator artery
moves through the fovea capitus
3 ligaments supporting hip joint capsule
Iliofemoral (lig. of Bigelow)
Hip Dislocations
Developmental (congenital)
-caused by shallow acetabulum

-seen in car accidents
-usually Iliac dislocation (backward and upward)
-leg is adducted and slight internal rotation
Posterior Compartment of Thigh
Extend thigh and flex knee

Tibial portion of Sciatic:
Biceps Femoris
-long head
Adductor magnus

Common Peroneal portion of
Biceps Femoris
-short head
What arteries form and anastomoses around the knee
genicular arteries