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Origin, Insertion and action of Iliacus m?
O- Superior Iliac fossa (superior2/3 and inner lip of iliac crest) I-Lesser Trochanter of femur A-Flexes the thigh
What path does the iliacus m take to get to its insertion?
Travels inferiorally ant passes anteriorally over the hip joint and thru the muscular lacuna to its insertion
Nerve supply and arterial supply to the Iliacus?
NS- Femoral nerve; Dorsal divisions of vent rami L2, L3, and L4. AS-Muscular branches of common, internal and external iliacs
Origin, Insertion and action of Psoas Major m?
O-T-12 thru L-5 Vertebrae (bodies, Intervertebral discs and t-processes) I- Lesser trochanter of femur A-Flexes the thigh
What path does the Psoas Major muscle take to its insertion?
Travels inferolaterally, joins the tendon of iliacus muscle and passes anterior to the hip joint thru the muscular lacuna to the lesser trochanter
What is the Nerve and arterial supply to the Psoas Major?
NS-Dorsal division of vent rami L-2, L-3, and L-4 as branches exit spinal canal. AS-Muscular branches of common, internal and external iliacs
What is within the lumbar plexus?
T-12 thru L-4 Ventral rami, with both dorsal and ventral divisions
Where is the Lumbar plexus located?
Within the psoas major muscle just anterior to the transverse processes the vertebral bodies
Fxn of the Subcostal Nerve?
Sensimotor; cutaneous supply only in lower limb. Not usually part of lumbar plexus
Components and area supplied of subcostal n?
T-12; supplies the anterolateral aspect of thigh
Char's of iliohypogastric?
Ventral division of L-1, pierces the psoas major m near kidney and passes w/in the abdominal wall. supply to posterior region of iliac crest.
Char's of ilioinguinal n?
Ventral L-1. follows course close to iliohypogastric, supplies the superior medial thigh
Char's of Genitofemoral n?
Ventral Division of L-1 and L-2. Also pierces psoas major anteriorally and enters the thigh dorsal to the inguinal ligament, near its center.
Genital branch or Genitofemoral supply?
Passes medially along the inguinal ligament to supply part of the ext. genitalia
Femoral Branch of genitofemoral, path and supply?
Passes deep to inguinal ligament w/ femoral a. thru vascular lacuna to supply skin of anterior superior thigh. May aid to replace the intermediate femoral cutaneous
Components of Intermediate femoral cutaneous n?
Vr, Dd L2 and L3
Components of Medial Femoral cutaneous n?
Vr Dd L2 L3
Components of saphenous N?
Vr Dd L3 L4
Branches of Femoral N?
Int med cutaneous, Lat femoral cutaneous, and saphenous n.
Which nerves peirce the psoas major muscle?
Obturator, Lateral femoral cutaneous, N. to psoas, Iliohypgastric, Genitofemoral
What percent of the population has the accessory obturator n?
8 percent
What nerves exit the pelvis thru the greater sciatic foramen?
Superior gluteal, Inferior gluteal, Sciatic, posterior femoral cutaneous, Pudendal, N. to obturator internus and sup gemellus, n. to quad femoris and inf gemellus.
What does the superior gluteal n supply?
Glut medius, Glut minimus, and tensor fascia lata m's
Components of Suprior Gluteal n?
Vr, Dd L4, L5, S1
Components of inferior gluteal n?
Vr, Dd L5, S1, S2
What muscle(s) does the inferior gluteal n supply?
Glut maximus
Components of n to piriformis?
Vr Dd S2
Components of Sciatic n?
Vr Dd L4 thru S2, and Vr Vd L4 to S3
What are the branches of the common fibular/common peroneal n?
Sup fibular/sup peroneal; deep fibular/deep peroneal; lateral cutaneous n of the calf, Sural communicating nerve.
Components of Superior gluteal n?
D L4-S1
D L5-S2
D S2
D L4-S2, VL4-S3
D L4-S2
D L4-S1
What anastomosis is the communication between the subclavian and external iliac a's?
Inferior epigastric with superior epigastric
What is the only artery that exits and re-enters the pelvis?
Internal pudendal
What supplies the obturator externus muscle? blood
Anterior branch of obturator artery
What are the branches of the anterior trunk of the internal iliac?
Obturator, Inferior Gluteal, Internal pudendal
What are the branches of the posterior trunk of the internal iliac a?
Iliolumbar, Lateral sacral, and superior gluteal
What is a small artery paired with 2+ veins?
vena comitantes
When does the IVC begin?
Union of common iliac's at level of L5
Where does the Common iliac vein begin? inferiorally
pelvic brim
What is the pirmary extensor of the thigh?
Glut maximus
What is the primary abductor of the thigh at the hip joint?
Glut Medius
If you are getting a intramuscular buttocks injection (ramirez), where would the injection go?
Superolateral quadrant
What is piriformis syndrome?
muscle impinging on the sciatic n
What region does the pudendal nerve innervate?
Urogenital triangle
What is the most lateral branch of the anterior trunk?
Obturator a
Where does the external iliac become the femoral artery?
at the inguinal ligament
What does the deep circumflex artery anastomose with?
iliolumbar and superior gluteal arts (branches of the internal iliac)
What does the post br of the obturator anastomose with?
ant. br. of inferior gluteal art
What does the inferior gluteal artery anastomose with?
sup glut, obturator, int pudendal, and med femoral circumflex arts
What does the iliolumbar a anastomose w/?
Sup glut, deep circumflex, and lat femoral circumflex
Components of the trochanteric anastomosis?
Descending sup gluteal, inferior gluteal, ascending br's of medial and lat circumflex
What muscles are innervated by the sup glut nerve?
Glut Min, Glut Med, and Tensor fascia lata (L4-S1)
What nerve innervates the gluteus maximus m?
inferior gluteal (dorsal L5-S2)
What is the lateral portion of the sciatic n?
Common fibular
How does the tibial n travel relative to the medial malleolus?
Posterior to it
How does the tibial n enter the foot?
Splits into the medial and lateral plantar nerves and goes thru the porta pedis
What does the medial calcaneal n peirce before supplying medial 1/2 of calcaneal region?
Flexor retinaculum
How does the perforating cutaneous n exit the pelvis?
by peircing the sacrotuberous lig.