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Zeus and Prometheus argued over...
which part of the sacrifices should belong to gods.
Prometheus stole ______ from heaven.
Prometheus was nailed toa cliff and an eagle pecked out his _____ each day.
Zeus created _____ and gave her to Epimetheus.
Prometheus warned his brother never to ________________.
accept gifts from Gods
Pandora was warned not to____________________.
open the box
The only gift remaining in the box was______________.
Zeus and Hermes were bored one day mad decided to________________.
visit earth
They were disguised as ___________.
After being refused hospitality, they were offered (1)__________in the hut of (2)______________.
(1) Food and wine
(2) Plilemon and Baucis
During the meal the _________ kept refilling its' self.
Wine bowl
The inhospitable town became covered with a _______.
The hut of the old couple became a____________.
Gold temple
Their one wish was to be able to __________
live together forever
In the moment of dying, Plilemon was changed to a (1)_________and Baucius was hanged to a (2)___________ that stood (3)____________.
(1)Oak tree
(2) Linder
(3) interwined
Zeus seduced <1>_______ and caught sight of <2>_______ comming.
<1> Io
<2> Hera
Zeus turned Io into a _________, saying he had never seen her before.
Hera gave Io into the charge of <1>_______, a <2>______ watchman, whos eyes never slept all at once.
<1> Argus
<2> 100 eyed
Zeus sent _________ to kill Argus.
Hermes lulled argus to sleep with his <1>________ and cut off his <2> __________
<1> pipes
<2> 100 eyes
Hermes put his 100 eyes on the tail feathers of her ________________
Hera sent a _____ to pester Io in her cow form.
Finally Io came to the <1>___________ river where Zeus restored her to <2> ________
<1> Nile
<2> Human form
Callisto's father was changed into a <1>____ for offending <2>_____
<1> Wolf
<2> Zeus
Zeus saw _______ hunting with Artemis and fell in love with her.
Hera turned Callisto into a _____ after the birth of her son.
when the boy was grown, he went <1>_________and prepared to shoot his mother, Callisto, in the form of a <2>__________
<1> Hunting
<2> Bear
Zeus snatched Callisto up and placed her among the ___________
Zeus fell in love with Europa and appeared to her in the form of a ___________
Zeus took her to <1>_____ where she had two childen <2>__________and <3>____________
<1> Crete
<2> Minos
<3> Rhadamanthus
Minos became the king of <1>___________ and tge continent <2>___________ received its name.
<1> Crete
<2> Europe
Pygmalion was a gifted <1>_________ who hated <2>________
<1> Sculptor
<2> Women
He resolved never to ___________
He devoted all hsi time to an ivory <1>_____ of an ideal <2>______.
<1> statue
<2> woman
On the feast day of _____________, Pygmalion asked the goddes for a woman as lovely as his statue.
When he returned home, his statue turned into a ____________
Pygmalion named the statue__________.
Pyramus and Thisbe grew up in adjoining __________.
their parents did not allow them to ____________
they would whisper through at night through a ____ in the garden wall.
they agreed to meet one night under a <1> ______tree full of <2> ______.
<1> Mulberry
<2> White berries
Thisbe was frightened away by a <1>__________ and dropped her <2> ___________
<1> lioness
<2> cloak
When Pyramus was the lion with her cloak, he _______.
killed himself
His blood turned the <1> ____________ of the tree from white to <2>_________
<1> color
<2> purple
When Thisbe discovered his body, she ___________
killed herself
Mullberry trees still produce ____________ in memory of the two lovers.
red berries
Atalanta refused to marry any man who could not _________________.
out run her in a foot race
she was the __________ in her country.
swiftest runner
She didnt want to marry b/c an oracle told her marraige would be her ___________
Hippomenes was given <1>_________ by <2>_________ to use during the race
<1> 3 golden apples
<2> Aphrodite
During the race, Hippomenes would <1>_________ the apples causing Atalanta to <2>________________.
<1> Throw
<2> Turn aside and wonder
The ____________ seperated Leander and Hero.
swift current
everynight __________ swam across to visit Hero.
He was guided by the _________.
On a stormy night the ligth was blown out and Leander ________
his body washed up on the shore and Hero _________ when she found it.
killed herself
___________ allowed Pluto to kidnap Proserpina from a meadow where she was picking flowers.
Orpheus was a master <1>_________- and married <2>_________
<1> Musician
<2> Eurydice
they were married for a <1>________ when she died from a <2>____.
<1> year
<2> Snake bite
Orpheus decided to _______________ from Hades
bring her back
He charmed his way past ______ with his music
Hades, who cried <1> ___________ allowed Orpheus tp take her back if he promised not to <2>________________
<1> iron tears
<2> Look bac kat her until they got home
Orpheus was overcome by fear and _________
looked back
Eurydice was there but instantly ___________ only to become a shade
Orpheus tried to reenter the Underworld but his way was ___________