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suavium, i
kiss, sweetheart
suavis, -e
sweet, pleasant, delightful
mel, mellis
3nt; honey; fig. sweetness, pleasantness
corculum, i
little heart, sweetheart; wise/ shrewd person
spes, spe-i
5f hope, expectation
spero, -are
to hope, expect
diligo, dilexi, dilectus, -ere
to love
voluptas, voluptatis
3f desire, love, passion
egeo, -ere
I am in need of, want, lack
gravidus, a um
flammarius, i
maker of wedding veils
dos, dotis
3f dowry
libido, libidinis
3f, desire, longing, wish, fancy; lust, wantonness; will/ pleasure; passion/lusts (pl)
lubido, lubidinis
3f, desire/longing/wish/fancy; lust, wantonness; will/pleasure; passion/lusts
aviditas, aviditatis
3f; greed, covetousness; keen desire, lust/passion; appetite (food/drink), gluttony;
cupido, cupidinis
3f; desire, love/wish/longing (passionate); lust; greed, appetite; desire for gain
Cupido, inis
m; Cupid, the god of love
cupiditas, -atis
3f, enthusiasm/eagerness/passion; (carnal) desire; lust; greed/usury/fraud; ambition
adamo, -are
to fall in love/lust with; love passionately/adulterously; admire greatly; covet
cunnus, i
2m; the female pudenda
Cupidineus, a um
of Cupid
cor, cordis
3nt; heart, mind/soul/spirit; intellect/judgement; sweetheart; souls/persons (pl)
amatrix, -icis
3f; sweetheart, mistress; hussy, woman who loves (in a sexual sense)
amans, amantis
3m or f; lover, sweetheart, mistress, one who is fond/affectionate
puella, ae
girl, child/daughter, sweetheart; patron; mistress, concubine, courtesan
amor, amoris
3m; love, affection; the beloved, Cupid; affair; sexual/illicit/homosexual person
affectus, -us
4m; affection, passion, love friendly feeling; goodwill, loved ones
osculum, i
kiss; mouth, lips, orifice; mouthpiece
basium, i
kiss, kiss of the hand
basio, -are
kiss, give a kiss