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Louisiana Lemonade
Bacardi Limon, strawberry puree, lemonade
2 min warning
grand melon, mango puree, lemonade, sprite, oj
lava flow
rum, coco lopez, vanilla yogurt, strawberry puree
mango lada
rum, coco lopez, vanlla yogurt, mango puree
medal margarita
tequilla, cointreau, sweet and sour, limejuice
delta sunset
tequilla, cointreua, pomegranate liqueur, sweet and sour, lime juice
bayou suprise
syy vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, pinapple juice, sprite, ogeat syrup
mamas blue hawaiian
vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, bluee curacao, pinapple juice, sweet and sour, sprite
southern charm
skyy vodka, SoCo, amaretto, OJ, sweet and sour
mamas favorite
kahula, amaretto, vanilla yogurt, choclate syrup, milk
georgia peach
absoulte peach, absoute vanilla, peach shnapps, white cranberry peach juice
peach velvet
absolute vanilla, vanilla yogurt, peach puree, peach monin, pinapple juice
peach, love, rock'n'roll
cointreau, peachtree, razzmatazz, pinapple juice, sprite, sweet and sour
greenbow calypso
bacrdi O orange rum, blue curacao, sweet and sour, pinapple juice, orange juice
alamabama sunrise
skyy vodka, tomato juice, bloody mary seasoning
draft beer
budwiser, budlight, widmer hefeweisen,anchor steam, sam adams, sierra nevada pale ale
canned beer
guinness, corona, heinken, MG, miller lire, coors light
white wine
la terre chardonnay (house) B.V. chardonnay, B.V. sauvignon blanc, clos du bois pinot grigio
blush wine
beringer white zinfandel
red wine
la terre merlot(house, chateau julian merlot, robert mondavi pinot noir, kenwood cabernet
sparkling wine
kenwood yalupa