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why is LA a "pink state"
-competitive b/w democrats and republicans

-voted with winning president since 1972
what is a party system
an arrangement of voters actoss political parties
what is the term for the significant lasting change in the arrangement of voting blocs that support either of the 2 major parties
list the party systems LA has had in 1812-1850
whigs and democrats

very competetive, not many can vote
list the party systems LA had in 1860s-1920s
just democrats

no competition, goal was to keep things from changing drastically.
list the party systems from 1920-1960s
anti-longs(wealthier), longs
list party systems from 1960-now
republicans, democrats
criticism of second party system
diagnosis: slow progress
prescription: competition
when was the death of longism
what 3 factors caused the death of longism
earl long died. rise of tv (longs didnt come across well on tv) and rise of civil rights movements and white opposition
politics changed after longism because
voting rights act
emergence of 2nd party
rise of the republicans:

3 doors to the south are...
race issues, econcomic issues, social issues
what were some of the race issues
"dixiecrat walkout"
most democrats walked out of convention and created their own party, republican carries deep south, almost all voted rep. for first time
what were some economic issues
louisiana is first deep south state to vote rep. while suburban precints voted rep. if race is out of issue and voting on economic issues then rep win
louisiana does not have a __ ___
open primary
whats open vs closed
deciding who gets to vote. open means a democrat can vote for a republican. closed means a democrat only votes for a democrat
majority vs plurality
majority is 50% or more vote to win. could have a 1st primary and 2nd primary. plurality means most votes goes to general election. most southern states use closed majority because of race
the LA system
cand run together. if cand gets majority in first round they win. if not the top 2 run off
causes of the la system
edwin edwards- passes law to get rid of party primary because 3 elections was too much. legislatures support it.
changes of the la system
supreme court said no second primary meant our congressmen were elected 1 month before the rest of nation. it was unconstitutional so they make us do it a month later.
effects of la system?
system weakens political party. it hurts moderats and favors extremes
voter turnout
percentage of voting age population that votes on election day
voter turnout is lowered by:
unregistered voters, registered who do not vote
LA turnout
above the southern average, and near the national average
why is la turnout the way it is?
more elections and offices than any other state, more competition, more money spent
american elections. key factors:
party identification (strongest) , issue positions, candidates
la party identification: party registration does not...
match vote. 23.5% registered rep and 56.2 % registered dem. ***registration numbers exagerate democratic strength and underestimates rep. strength
LA elections. key factors:
issue positions, candidates
democrats are mostly the
blacks and working people

candidates go for working people
rep are mostly the
suburban and conservatives

candidates go for white opposition and conservatives
the campaign vortex
in order to get the polls up u have to have money. in order to get money u have to do good in the polls
foster. R
landrieu. D
breaux D
foster. R
incumbency + popularity=
landrieu D
2003, 2004
blanco D, Vitter R
lessons from the past elections...
incumbency, money and timing (more is better, sooner is better), campaign strategy : party unity and mobilize base, issue positions, endorsements
how do candidates protect themselves from blowback
spend money attacking personal traits and behavior.
why parties? two models:
responsible party, electoral party
responsible party model
cohesive ideology and policy oriented.
electoral party model
vehicles for election
a charter has written rules for municipality. what are 3
taxing power, borrowing, form of gov.
special charters are?
a political tool
the lawrason act did what
made general charters based on population
what did the home rule do
create own system, parishes can use this too
all politics is NOT what?
what is dillions rule?
municipalities govern at the whim of the state
change and continuity: civil rights and cajun culture?
mixed results
oil: how bust changes political culture
weakens governors, resurgence of racial politics, more money for education, strengthens business, less corruption, less colorful politics
who was plaqumines parish district attorney?
leander perez- known for being a powerful local official
who was the governor that had conflicts with perez
sam jones
thomas tip oneil, former us speaker of the house said what
all politics are local
lawrason act was formed due to...
earl longs rewarding friends and punishing enemies
who was lawrence chehardy
tax accessor from jefferson parish known for protecting the homestead exemption