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Name 3 categories of LN db notes?
Design Notes
Data Notes
Administration Notes
What are the filetypes for a LN db?
.NSF Notes Storage Facility
.NTF Notes Template Facility
Name some LN db properties?
title & category (appears in the db catalog)
ODS version #
replicia ID
database ID
time stamps (created and mofified)
Document Notes, Design Notes and Administration Notes
What is the ODS version number?
It is the file structure of a Notes db stored on disk. For v6/v7 it is 43.
What are some of the design elements a LN db can have?
Does LN maintain a seperate data note for each document in the db?
Do data notes usually have a form design note associated with them?
What do administration notes effect?
overall db access
What are the types of administration notes?
ACL identifies who can access the db and how much access each user, group and server has.
ReplFormula specifies a db replication formula
Name the 6 application types in LN.
What is a Broadcast application?
An app that delivers static, time critical information to many people (e.g., newsletters and newsfeeds).
What is a discussion application in LN?
An application that supports group communications.
What is a reference application in LN?
An application that provides a repository of shared information.
What is a tracking application in LN?
An application that is used by many people to track changing information (e.g., equipment reservations and sales reporting).
What is a workflow application in LN?
An application that automates a business process. Often form based with one or more approval sections (e.g., purchase request).
What is a web application in LN?
An application that can be accessed from the Web.
What are forms used for in a note db?
To create, display and print documents.
What is a LN document?
A collection of fields and values (like a database record).