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to plead on behalf of
abogar por
to end by, wind up
acabar por
to worry oneself about, fret over
apurarse por
to exchange, to change (something) into
cambiar por
to classify in/by
clasificar por
to thank for, give thanks for
dar gracias por
to strive for
esforzarse por
to be inclined to, be in favor of
estar por
to try to
hacer por
to grow impatient for, be impatient to
impacientarse por
to cry for/about
llorar por
to struggle for
luchar por
to send via
mandar por
to care about, worry about
mirar por
to be dying for
morirse por
to be offended by
ofenderse por
to choose, opt for
optar por
to worry about
preocuparse por
to be crazy about
rabiar por
to end by
terminar por
to work for
trabajar por
to vote for
votar por