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The walls appeard to have a MOTIF, with incessant shades of purple.
single or repeated design or color
Jack's apologetic attitude was SPECIOUS.
having deceptive attraction or allure
optical effects appearing as a pool of water or a mirror in which distant objects are seen inverted
Jack stared at Ralph with ENMITY.
hatred; ill will
Jack and Ralph's were STRIDENT when they tried to get the littluns to stop crying.
characerized by harsh, insistent, and discordant sound
Simon's secret trips to the forest seemed FURTIVE, but he was only trying to enjoy nature.
expresive of stealth; sly; secretive
The boys were IMMURED on the island.
enclosed within; imprisoned
Ralph GESTICULATED several times during his speech to emphasize important points.
made gestures; used the motions of the body or limbs to express or emphasize an idea, sentiment, or attitude
Her OFFICIOUS volunteering to help the teacher perform tasks became annoying.
volunteering one's services where they are neither asked for nor needed; meddlesome
At first, the boys' lives on the island appeared to be filled with EBULLIENCE.
the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts and feelings; exuberance
Jack quickly defended Ralph's accusations with a RECRIMINATION.
a bitter retort; charge against accuser
The boys underwent a series of VICISSITUDES throughout the novel.
fluctuations of states or conditions; natural changes or mutations visible in nature or in human affairs
Jack's voice appeared to be CONTRITE as he apolotized to Ralph for not helping.
expressing remorse for one's sins or shortcomings
Her mother's look on her face was INCREDULOUS when she explained the story to her.
disbelieving; skeptical
The answer to the problem was BLATANT.
completely obvious, conspicious, or obtrusive
The reflection of the water appeared to be IMPALPABLE.
incapable of being felt by touch; intangible
The bees appeared to be in a MYRIAD.
an immense number
Percival's imaginary beasts was PREPOSTEROUS to the biguns.
contrary to nature, reason, or common sense; absurb
Jack's SWARTHINESS was unknown to the rest of the group at the beginning of the novel.
darkness of complexion
Piggy's expression TACTILY showed what he felt about the whole idea.
expressed or carried out without words; silently
The discussion was starting to become ERRANT.
straying outside the proper path or bounds
Jack spoke to Ralph MALEVOLENTLY, because he understood that he was inferior to him.
viciously, spitefully, hatefully
The littluns asked questions OBSCURELY about what was going on on the island.
indistincly; without full understanding or expression
Simon's description of the beast was OPAQUE.
hard to understand or explain; unintelligble
The sudden appearance of the beast forced Ralph to make an IMPROVISATION.
the art or act of making, inventing, or arranging offhand, without advance planning
The kids often JEERINGLY called the chubby kid Fatty.
mockingly; tauntingly
Jeanne LAMENTABLY complained about not studying for the hard test.
regrettably; mournfully
Jack EXPANSIVELY said that his position as a hunter was very important.
with delusions of self-importance; increasingly; with enlargement
Piggy's nickname was an EFFIGY.
an image or representation, especially of a person
The steep ski slope appeared PERILOUS to inexperienced skiiers.
hazardous; dangerous
Jack TEMPESTUOUSLY threatened to kill Ralph next time he saw him.
violently; agitatedly
His uncomfortable state forced him to be DISCURSIVE.
disgressive; moving from one topic to another
Because she recently moved to the US, her English was quite inarticulate.
uttered or formed without the definite, clear, effective utterances of intelligible speech
Her reason to break up with her boyfriend seemed like a recited INCANTATION.
a written or recited formula of words designed to produce a particular effect
The boys' stay on the island seemed to be INTERMINABLE.
having or seeming to have no end; wearisomely prolonged
Her excuse seemed to be a lie; she told it CONSTRAINEDLY.
with an unnatural manner
The first sight of the ship was EXULTING.
When she first talked to her boyfriend, every sentence was said DIFFDENTLY.
shyly; reservedly; unassertively
The little boy MUTINOUSLY refuesed to leave the toy store.