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What is the Teller Amendement
The Spanish American War Placed two countries in conflict
what is to ratify
Sensational newspaper reporting that provoked public to support Spanish American War
What are martial arts
February 1898 , New York journal published this critical letter written by a Spanish minister to the US
What is the Boxer protocol settling the Boxer Rebellion
President Mckinley ordered this ship to cuba with orders to pick up americans in danger from the Spanish revolution.
What is the Open Door policy
The first battle of the Spanish American War took place?
Who are the Boxers who led the Boxer Rebellion
This US commodore gave the command to open fire on the spanish fleet at manilla, the Philippine capital
Who is John Hay
What are the open door notes
A volunteer calvary under the command of Leonard Wood and Theodore Roosevelt.
What is the date the Philippines became independent
Most famous land battle took place near Santiago on July the first
What is the Philippine and American war
December the 10th 1898
Who is Emilio Aguinaldo
Treaty of Paris touched off a great debate in the US between two opposing political positions
Details of Treaty of Paris
1901 U.S insists that Cuba add provisions to their constitution
Who is Jose Marti
Cuban patriot who opposed Spanish, then U.S domination of Cuban politics
What is the Platt amendement which made Cuba, a U.S. protectorate
Spain freed Cuba and turned over the islands of Guam in the Pacific, and Puerto Rico in the West Indies to the US Spain also sold the Phillippines to the US for 20 million dollars
Who are imperialist who wanted to annex the Philippines
Who are isolationist who are against annexing the Philippines
Rebel leader who believed that the United States had promised Phillippine independence
Spanish American War &
Treaty of Paris
Famous Chinese secret group who pledged to rid the country of “foreign devils.”
What is battle of Kettle Hill, then the battle of San Juan Hill
1. U.S believes growth of us economy depends on exports 2. U.S has a right to intervene abroad to keep foreign markets open. 3. U.S fears closing of an area to american products, citizens, or ideas threaten U.S survival
Who are the rough riders
September 7, 1901, China and 11 other nations signed
Who is Commodore George Dewy
Combat or self defense arts that originated in East Asia
What are the Philippine islands
To make valid by approving
What is the U.S.S. Maine
September 7, 1901, China and 11 other nations signed
What is the De Lome letter
Combat or self defense arts that originated in East Asia
What is yellow journalism
To make valid by approving
Who are the US and Spain
This Amendement stated that the US had no intention of taking over Cuba
Foreign policy where a Mother country takes over another country and controls it politically and economically by force.
What is Imperialism
Who are the US and Spain
U.S Secretary of State in 1899, proposed a series of letters in which imperialist nations shared trading rights with the US.
July 4, 1946