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what is longitude?
a series of imaginary lines running north to south and measuring east to west
what is latitude?
a series of imaginary lines running east to west but measuring north to south
what is location?
absolute location- gives exactly where it is on the earth using longtiude and latitude
relative location- gives directions by what it is near
what is place?
place is something that is, or has a special feature
what is H-E-I?
human-enviornment-interaction and how people and thing affect eachother
what is movement?
explains how people,goods and ideas get from one place to another.
what are regions?
has a unifying characteristic like climate, land, population or history.

example. the nile river
what are parralels?
parralels are lines that are parralel ot the equator.
what are meridians?
meridians are lines that run in the same direction as the primes meridian(north to south)