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What is the term for the study of the effects and strengths of a drug within the body?
What is another name for cholesterol-lowering drugs?
What does the abbreviation PCA stand for?
patient-controlled analgesia
A radioactive iodine uptake test is used to assess what?
What is the meaning of the combining form ion/o?
ion - to wander
A substance is said to be radiolucent if it permits only a small fraction of the x-rays, True or False?
False, radiopaque allows a small fraction and radiolucent allows most.
What is a mass that arises from normal tissue, proliferates more rapidly and ceases to behave the same as the original tissue called?
Basophils are a type of what?
What is the term used for measurement of the unit of absorbed radiation dose called?
The measurment of T3, T4 and TSH is collectively known as what?
What is a possible diagnosis for a middle-age woman with thinning hair, fatigue, irritability, and weight gain?
Which test is used to evaluate blood glucose levels over the previous 2 months?
hemoglobin A1c
Which diagnostic procedure inspects the external auditory meatus and tympanic membrane with an instrument that directs light into the ear through a speculum?
What is hearing loss due to obstruction of the outer ear called?
conductive hearing loss
What does the term strabismus mean?
abnormal deviation of the eye
What is the term for a groove or a crack-like sore?
Which skin neoplasm is associated with an increase in the growth of cells in the keratin layer of the epidermis caused by pressure or friction?
Moles the the potential to develop into malignant melanoma are called what?
dysplastic nevi
What is the term for inflammation of the membrane of a joint?
The correct position of a bone, especially after repair of a break or dislocation is called what?
anatomic position
Where is the piriformis muscle located?
in the back
What metallic element is well know for its use in arthritis patients?
What fluid lubricates the joints?
True or False. Sjogren syndrome is a chronic condition that affects lacrimal and salivary glands, causing dry mucous membranes and affecting primarily post-menopausal women.
Is sedimentation rate included in a CBC?
What does the term carcinoma in situ mean?
a tumor that is localized
What is the definition of megakaryocyte?
forerunner (precursor) of platelets (formed in the bone marrow)
True or False. A tolbutamide test would be performed on a patient with acute exacerbation of asthma.
False - ABGs (arterial blood gases)
What is the name of the membrane that lines the thorax and envelopes the lungs?
What is the name of this procedure - The injection of fluid into the bronchi, followed by withdrawal of the fluid for examination.
bronchial alveolar lavage
Where is retrosternal pain located?
behind the sternum
What is the medical term for heart attack?
myocardial infarction
The right atrioventricular valve is also known as what?
tricuspid valve
What is the function of the systolic phase?
contract and empty
How many pairs of cranial nerves are there?
What is the main relay center of the brain?
True or False. The occipital lobe controls body movement.
False - controls vision
A defibrillator delivers electrical shocks measured in what?
What is the term for manipulation of a broke bone to restore its normal anatomic position before setting in a cast or boot?
What is the name of the tube that is inserted through the nasal passages and into the stomach?
nasogastric tube
Digoxin is the generic name for what drug?
A patient arrives in the ER after a motor vehicle accident and is found to have a severely deviated septum. What part of the body was injured?
What is the term that means surrounding the bladder?
Urine leaves the bladder by way of what?
What is the term used to describe the symptoms caused by withdrawal from chronic excessive alcohol intake?
delirium tremens
What is the medical term for mild, chronic depression?
True or False. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is used to treat dementia.
False - used for severe depression
What is the term for bedwetting?
nocturnal enuresis
Pyuria is the presence of what in the urine?
Detrol is prescribed to treat what?
overactive bladder
What does the term urolithiasis mean?
stone in the urinary system
What does dysphagia mean?
difficulty swallowing
True or False. Claritin is used to treat vertigo.
False - allergy Antivert treats vertigo
What do you call an emergent operation to help someone breathe?