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Straw Man Fallacy
Attacking a misrepresentation of the opponent's view
Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
After this, therefore on account of this
Ad hominem
attacking someone's character rather than the argument
Tu quoque
Dismiss opponent's point of view based on their past actions (an Ad Hominem)
Reject argument because they could benefit from argument (an Ad Hominem)
Appeal to Force
conclusion is defended by a threat to the well being of those who do not accept it
Appeal to the People (ad populum)
"jump on the bandwagon"
Appeal to Pity
Supports a conclusion merely by evoking pity, when the statements that evoke pity are logically unrelated to the conclusion.
False dilemma
uses a premise that unjustifyably reduces the number of choices
Appeal to Unreliable Authority
authority may be reasonably doubted
Red Herring
Diversion by means of irrelevant reasons.