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Cerebral palsy may result from ___
postnatal, perinatal, or prenatal CNS damage
About ___ have CP in the US
half a million people
CP may be caused by
1) infections during pregnancy 2) insufficient oxygen for fetus 3) prematurity 4) asphyxia in labor/delivery 5) blood diseases 6) jaundice 7) congenital birth defects
There are different kinds of CP: __, __, __, and __
Spastic, ataxic, athetoid, mixed
__ ist most common type of CP and accounts for __ of cases
__ CP is characterized by writhin, involuntary movements
Ataxic CP is characterized by __
low muscle tone and poor movement coordination
Oral dysphagia problems in CP may include
1) abnormal oral reflexes 2) inability to hold cohesive bolus 3) longer oral transit times 4) drooling
Largest group of children with CP may exhibit which combination of problems?
moderate to severe oral problems plus delay in triggering pharyngeal swallow
Children with CP have more frequent swallow/respiration coordination problems than normals -- T or F?
Management for dysphagia in CP includes
Oromotor therapy, thermal-tactile stim., positioning, diet change as last resort. May need permanent TTS.