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1. Continent

2. Hemisphere

3. Equator

4. Longitude

5. Meridian
1. Large bodies of land

2. Half "sphere"-Half earth East-West or North-South

3. Zero degrees line of latitude. Seperates the earth into northern and southern hemispheres

4. Lines that run north and south measure distance east and west.

5. Another name for Longitude.
6. Prime Meridian

7. Latitude

8. Parallel

9. Cardinal directions

10.Intermediate directions
6. Another name for Longitude

7. Zero degrees longitude line seperates world into eastern and western hemispheres.

8. Another name for Latitude

9. N,S,E,W

11. Compass Rose

12. Scale

13. Symbol

14. Map Key

15. Locators
11. A map that shows directions

12. Tells how much smaller distance actually is.

13. Anything that stands for something

14. Explains what symbols stand for.

15. Shows where subject is located in a big map.
16. Political Map

17. Physical Map

18. Elevation Map

19. Relief Map

20. Historical Map
16. Shows countries, states, cities and others.

17. Natural features such as mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers etc.

18. The height of land above the sea.

19. Changes in elevation when past events took place.

20. When past events took place.
21. Distribution Map
21. Shows language, religion, population and rainfall.