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Which class of local anesthetics can be used for heart arrythmias?
Why is EPI added to most local anesthetics?
produce local vasoconstriction, slows removal from tissue, longer duration with less bleeding
How are esters broken down?
plasm esterases
How are amides brokend down?
What are the ester local anesthetics? Please check brakes, tires, pressure, coolent?
procaine, chloroprocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine, prilocaine cocaine
What are the amide local anesthetics? Loves boobs, reefer, liquor, money
Lidocaine, mepivocaine, bupivocaine, L-bupivacaine, ropivacaine
What are the desired effects of anesthetics?
analgesia, amnesia, unconsciousness, obtundation of noxious reflex, muscle relaxation
What is stage I of anesthesia?
What is stage II?
What is stage III?
surgical anesthesia
What is stage IV?
medullary paralysis
Which inhaled anesthetics are good for use in children?
Sevoflurane, halothane
Which inhaled anesthetics are airway irritants?
Desflurane, Isoflurane
Which inhaled anesthetic causes a decrease in baroreceptor response?
Why is sevoflurane good for children?
fast recovery, non-irritating
Which inhaled anesthetic is good for OP surgery?
What is etomidate used for?
Induction and EEG mapping because of excitatory EEG effects
How does a pt on ketamine appear?
conscious, but not really there
What is thiopental used for?
inc ICP, focal ischemia
When shouldn't you use thiopental?
bronchospasms, global ischemia, volume contraction
When shouldn't you use ketamine?
inc ICP, open eye injury, psych dx
When shouldn't you use etomidate?
with long-term steroid use or addison's dx
How do benzodiazepines work?
GABAa a1 and a2
What do benzodiazepines cause?
hpnosis, sedation, anyiolytic, amnesia, anticonvulsants, muscle relaxant
What is midazolam used for?
preop anxiety, amnesia, induction
What is dexmedetomidine?
an a2-agonist
What does dexmedetomidine cause?
sedation, anciolytic, hypnosis, analgesia, sympatholusis