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electron microscope
plus- very powerful
negative- the electrons go through the cell and kills everything
contrast microscope
plus- can view living things
negative- is not powerful enough to view very small organisms
metric units
1/100 meter= 1 cent
1/1000 meter= 1 mill.
1/1000 milli.= 1 micrometer
1/10000= 1 angstrom
cell membrane
seperates the cell from its enviornment
Endoplasmic reticulum
a passageway that transports material thourghout the cell and is the site of fat and protien synthesis
composed of RNA and protein
golgi bodies
function in the process of secretion
mitochondria "powerhouses of the cell"
sites of cellular respiration and ATP production
cell wall
protects and supports plant cells
watery liquid inside of the cell