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Liver Pattern - Full

Stagnation of Cold in Liver
Ton: pale, wet, w/white coating
Pul: deep, wiry,slow
Key: hypogastric referring to scrotum, cold hands and feet
O: contraction of scrotum or vaginia
Liver Pattern - Full

Stagnant Liver Qi
Ton: normal, could be raised sides
Pul: wiry especially or left side
Key: feeling of distention, depression, moody
O: PMS, irregular menses, lump in throat
Note: wetzel breaks it out from He,Sp,Lu,Ki
Liver Patter - Deficiency

Liver Blood Deficiency
Ton: pale body esp. on sides (extreme cases are dry w/orange)
Pul; think, weak, choppy, fine
Key: blurred vision, scanty periods, dull complextion
O: general membrane dryness, leg cramps, poor memory, dizziness, pale gums, brittle nails
Liver Pattern - Full

Rebellious Liver Qi
(just a bit different than Stagnant into heat)
Ton: may not change color maybe red on sides
Pul: wiry esp. on left
Key: in this pattern more digestive symptoms will show because of horizontal flow of Qi
O: hypochondrial or epigastric dist. hiccup, sighing, nausea, vomiting, belching, breast dist.
Liver Pattern - Deficiency

Liver Yin Deficiency
Ton: normal without coating
Pul: floating, empty
Key: blurred vision, dryness,
O: empy heat, malar flush, heat in evening, night sweating, 5 palm sweat, heavy menstrul bleeding, blurred visions, diminished night vision, brittle nails, aimlessness
Liver Pattern - Full

Stagnat Liver Qi into Heat
Ton: red on the sides
Pul: wiry esp. on left
Key: distention, irratibility, feeling of heat
O: irregular periods, painful menses, red faces
NOTE# this is an excess of Stag. Li. Qi Add LI2
Liver Pattern - Full

Damp Heat in the Liver
Ton: red body, redder sides, sticky yellow coat
Pul: wiry, slippery, rapid
Key: hypoochondrium fullness in abdomen, heaviness, nausea, bitter
O: vaginal discharge, stool of mucus, desire to drink, jaundice
Liver Pattern - Full

Liver Fire Blazing
Ton: red body, redder on sides, dry yellow coat
Pul: full, wiry, rapid
Key: headaches, irratibility, red fac, rred eyes
O: outbursts, tinnitus, deafness, temporal headaches, dizzyness, red face and red eyes, thirst, constipation, dry stools, epistaxis, hematemesis, hemoptysis
Liver Pattern - Full

Liver Blood Stasis
Ton: purple, esp. or only on sides
Pul: choppy
Key: dark clotted menst. blood & dark tongue
O: fixed stabbing pain, vomiting of blood, expstaxis, paiful perionds, irreg. memses, dark and clooted & purple nails
Liver Pattern - Full/Empty/Combo

Liver Wind Stirring (agitated)
Ton:" red, stiff, dry, yellow coating, peeled or deviatied
Pul: wiry, rapid, (can be full)
Key: (can vary) High temp, unconsciousness, deviated mouth and eyes
O: ticks, spasms, shaking, stroke, convulsions, numbness, paralysis, dizziness, hemiplegia
Liver Pattern - Combo Full/Empty

Liver Qi Invading Spleen
Ton: normal color, slightly red on sides
Pul: wiry on left - weak on right
Key: stools sometimes dry, sometimes runy, abdominal distension, pain
O: flatulence, tiredness, irratibility
Herb: free & easy wanderer
Liver Pattern - Combo Full/Empty

Liver Yang Rising
Ton: largely varies - could be pale or red sides
Pul: thin and wiry
Key: headaches, irratibility
O: lateral, temporal, blurred vision, ddry mouth, stiff neck, insomnia, outbursts
Note# note solid fire here as in Liv. Fi. Blood but from yin of Ki or Li Def.
Liver Pattern - Combo Full/Empty

Liver Qi Invades Stomach
ton: normal, slightly red on sides
Pul: wiry on left & weak on right
Key: not applicable
O: fullness in epigastrium, sour regurgitation, bleching, nausea, vomiting, distension, hypochondrium+