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1. Distension of hypochondrium, chest, epigastrium or abdomen, sighing, 2. Melancoloy, depression, moodiness, fluctuations of mental state, feeling wound up, feeling of lump in throat 3. Irregular periods, distension of breasts before periods, PMT and irritability T: normal. maybe slightly red on sides P: wiry esp on LHS
Liver Qi Stagnation
stabbing pain, dark, clotted menstrual blood, vomiting of blood, hypochondrial pain, epistaxis, painful periods, irregular periods, infertility, masses in abdomen, purple nails, purple lips, purple or dark complexion, dry skin (severe cases), purple petechiae T: purple, esp sides, maybe purple spots on sides P: wiry or firm
Liver Blood Stasis
fullness of hypochondrium, abdomen, bitter and sticky taste (all day) , poor appetite, nausea, feeling of heaviness of body, yellow vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, vulvar exzema or sores, midcycle bleeding and or pain, pain and redness of scrotum, genital skin rashes, urinary difficulty, burning on urination, dark urine, dysuria T: red body with redder sides, sticky yellow coat P: slippery-wiry-rapid
Damp heat in Liver
dizziness, numbness or tingling of limbs, insomnia, blurred vision, floaters, diminished night vision, scanty menstruation, dull-pale complexion w/o lustre, pale lips, muscular weakness, cramps, withered and brittle nails, dry hair and skin, depression, feeling of aimlessness T: pale body, esp sides, may be orange colour. Thin, slightly dry. P: choppy or fine
Liver blood deficiency
Dizziness, numbness or tingling of limbs, insomnia, floaters, dry eyes, diminished night vision, dull-pale complexion without lustru but with red cheekbones, muscular weakness, cramps, withered brittle nails, very dry hair and skin, depression, feeling of aimlessness T: red without coat P: floating-empty or slightly red
Liver Yin deficiency
throbbing headaches (temples, behind eys, unilateral side of head), dry mouth and throat (only heat signs), plus Lv Fire blazing symptoms (tinnitus, deafness, dizziness), plus underlying Liv Yin +/- Kid Yin Xu symptoms, Lv Blood Xu symptoms T: vary P: wiry (sometimes fine)
Liver Yang Rising
Irritability, outbursts of anger, tinnitus, deafness, temporal headache (bilateral), bitter taste entire day, dream disturbed sleep, constipation and dry stools, scanty yellow urine, epitaxis, vomiting or spitting blood T: very red body, redder on sides, dry yellow coat P: full wiry rapid
Liver Fire blazing
high temperature, convulsions, tremor of limbs, rigidity of neck, opisthotonos (head, neck, spine arched backwards), severe cases coma T: deep red, still, dry yellow coat P: wiry-rapid
Extreme Heat Generating Wind
tremor, facial tick, severe dizziness, tinnitus, head ache, hypertension, dry throat, dry eyes, blurred vision, numbness or tingling of limbs, poor memory T: normal colour w/o coat P: wiry-rapid
Liver Yang Rising deriving from Liver Yin deficiency
tremor, dizziness, tinnitus, h/a, hypertension, dry throat, blurred vision, numbness or tingling limbs, poor memory, insomnia T: pale thin P: wiry-fine
Liver yang rising deriving from liver blood xu
tremor, irritability, propensity to outbursts of anger,, dizziness, tinnitus, temporal h/a, red face and eyes, thirst, bitter taste, dream disturbed sleep, constipation with dry stools, dark yellow urine, epistaxis t: red with red sides, dry with yellow coat P: rapid-wiry
Liver Fire generating wind
fine tremor, facial tic, dizziness, blurred vision, numbness or tingling of limbs, poor memory, insomnia, scanty periods T: pale-thin P:wiry-fine
Liver blood deficiency generating liver wind
distension, fullness, pain in the hypgastrium, yellow complexion, nausea, vomiting, bitter taste, thirst w/o desire to drink, fever or feeling of heat, scanty dark yellow urine, feeling of heaviness in body, dizziness, tinnitus, irritability, yellow sclera, swelling of feet t: thick sticky yellow coat P: wiry-rapid-slippery
Damp Heat in Gallbladder
Nervousness, timidity, propensity to be startled, lack of courage, sighing, dizziness, blurred vision, floaters, t: thin-white coat P: wiry-fine
Gallbladder deficient
Liver-Qi stagnation
GB34 moves lv qi and influences hypochondrial region, Lv3 moves liver qi and affects throat and head, Lv13 regulates Lv qi in middle burner, esp when it invades the spleen, Lv 14 regulate Lv qi esp when it invade stomach, TB6 move Lv qi and affects sides of body, PC 6 moves Lv qi (Jue Yin) exp when stagnation is caused by emotional problems
Smooth Lv Qi and move Qi
Liver Blood Stasis
Gb34 moves Liv qi, Lv 3 moves liv qi and blood, bl18 moves lv blood, bl17 gathering pt blood and moves blood (no moxa), sp 10 moves blood. Ren 6 movvesqi and qi (and tonifies qi) moves blood in abdomen, sp 4 + PC 6 opens chong mai. St29 moves blood in lower burner and uterus, Ki14 penetrating vessel that moves blood, Lv5 (luo) + Lv 6 (xi-cleft) moves Liv qi and Liv blood
Smooth Lv Qi and move Qi, move blood, eliminate stasis
Damp Heat in Liver
LV 14 regulate Lv qi in hypochondrium, GB34 resolves damp in lv and gb, bl18, resolves damp from liver, Ren12 tonifies spllen to resolve damp, sp9 + sp 6 resolves damp from lower burner, Li11 resolves damp and clears heat, Lv 2 clears lv-heat
Resolve dampness, clear liver and heat
Liver blood xu
Lv 8 nourishes liver blood , st 36 + sp 6 tonify post heave qi to produce blood. Ren 4 (direct moxa) nourises blood and exp menstrual blood, bl 18 nourishes lv blood, bl20 tonifys spleen to produce blood, bl23 tonifies Ki to produce blood, bl17 with moxa nourishes blood, yuyoa for dull headaches and blurred vision
Tonify liver, nourish blood
Liver Yin Xu
Lv8, St36, Sp6, Ren4 plus Ki3 + ki 6, Lv2
Tonify Liver, nourish yin, clear empty heat
Liver Yang rising (int/full, xu/hot combined excess/xu
Lv3 subdues liver yang, B5 subdues liver yang, esp GB channel h/a, PC6 subdues liver yang, calms mind, LI4 regulates qi, GB43 main distal point for h/a, GB20 subdues liver yang, bl2 + gb9+GB8+GB6 local points for h/a, sp6+Lv8+St36 nourish liver blood and liver yin, Ki3+Ki6 used if Ki xu
Subdue liver yang, nourish yin or blood
Liver Fire blazing
Li5 sedates fire point, Lv3 and Lv2 drain Liv, GB20 clear Liver fire, subdues ascending LivQi, Taiyang, clears Liv Fire, GB13 subdues rising Liv Yang and calms mind, LI11 +LI4 clears heat, GB1,GB9, GB8, GB6 local points for Lv fire, Sp6 nourish yin, Lv1 clears fire, esp if there is bleeding
Clear Liver, drain fire
Extreme Heat generating wind
Lv3 extinguishes Liver wind, shixuan extinguishes wind and cools blood, Du20, Du16, GB20 extinguish wind, Du8 relieves spasms to stop convulsions, Du14 is pricked to cool blood
cool blood, nourish yin, extinguish wind
Liver Yang rising deriving from liver yin xu
Lv3 subdues liver yang and extinguishes wind, GB20 extinguishes wind and subdues yang, LI4 subdues yang, TB5 subdues liver yang, Du19 extinguishes wind, SP6, LV8, LI3 nourish liver yin
subdue liver yang, extinguish wind, nourish Liver Yin
Liver yang rising deriving from Liver and Kidney Yin xu
Lv3 subdues liver yang and extinguishes wind, GB20 extinguishes wind and subdues yang, LI4 subdues yang, TB5 subdues liver yang, Du19 extinguishes wind, SP6, LV8, plus Ki3, Ki6, ren 4 nourish Kid Yin
subdue liver yang, extinguish wind, nourish Liver Yin and Kidney yin
Liver yang rising deriving from liver blood xu
Lv3 subdues liver yang and extinguishes wind, GB20 extinguishes wind and subdues yang, LI4 subdues yang, TB5 subdues liver yang, Du19 extinguishes wind, SP6, LV8, plus Ki3 nourish Yin, plus Bl17 and Ren 4 nourish blood.(reinforce)
subdue liver yang, extinguish wind, nourish Liver Blood
Liver fire generating wind
Lv2 drain fire, Lv3 extinguish liver wind, gB20 extinguish wind, LI11 drain fire, GB1 extinguih liver wind, sp6 nourish yin to help drain fire, LV1 extinguish liver wind, Du8 relieves spasms and tremors
clear Liver, drain fire, extinguish wind
Liver blood xu generating liver wind
Lv3 and gB20 extinguish wind, Lv4 subdues yang and extinguish wind, TB 5 and Du19 extinguish Lv wind, sp6+Lv8+Ki3 nourish Lv Blood, ren4 and Bl17 nourish blood
nourish Liver blood and extinguish wind
Damp Heat in Gallbladder
GB24 and Bl19 from mu and back Shu of GB, clears heat, GB24 moves lv qi, resolves damp, clears heat, Gl20 and CV12 harmonise earth, resolves damp, lV 14 promotes smooth flow of LV qi, Du 8 and 9 clears heat in GB, resolves damp, TH6 moves Lv Qi in hypochondrium, clears heat, St 19 treat nausea
Resolve damp, clear heat in GB, stimulate the flow of Lv Qi
Gall Bladder Deficient
GB40, Lv 8, ST36, Sp6, CV4, Bl18, Bl19, Bl47
Tonify GB
The liver (foot jue yin)channel has __ points
The liver (foot jue yin)channel has 14 points
The gallbladder (foot shaoyang) channel has __ points
The gallbladder (foot shaoyang) channel has 44 points